Will power

Motivation, Will, Drive

We have seen the motivation of the trilogy and this week let us try and give some thought to the ‘will’. It is the most important aspect of the three. If motivation is the instinct, the ‘spark’ then will is the ‘fire’ that keeps burning.

Materia medica is full of this word ‘will’. It also comes as a ‘verb’ in repertory, e:g—“delusion bitten will be”. But verb as a ‘will’ is not what we are going to talk about.

Here WILL means, the intent, desire or the wish for something to happen. It also means the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action. Here the word ‘deliberately’ is important where the person consciously chooses an action! It is synonymous with “volition”. There are hundreds of rubrics that concern the will. We will see some important ones and what they mean.

1)‘Will loss of’ or ‘will weakness of’– which actually means person has no desire to undertake anything and also means loss of ‘will power’. It denotes a confused state of mind. It is a sort of given up state. Repertory has many synonyms like
‘indifference- desires nor action of the will,’
‘undertaking lacks’, ‘undertaking many’,
‘control over his will has no, does not know what to do’ etc.
Some common remedies are—ars, anac,alum,bar-c,calc-c,carb-veg,con,croc,pic-ac,petro etc.

2) ‘Will contradiction of’--—means the person has two or more desires(which at times could be contrary or opposite) at the same time and does not know which one to choose. Wants to do ‘this’ and also ‘that’. E:g wanting to save money but at the same time has desire to spend it on shopping/traveling etc and so cannot decide. The commonest expression that patients have is “I want my cake and eat it too”! It is synonymous with “delusion Will two” or “delusion wills possessed by two” ‘irresolution’ and ‘thoughts two’.—anac,cann-ind,crot,lach,naja etc.

3) ‘will power strong’ is decisiveness, firmness, or resolution in actions—caust,ferr,nux-v,sulph,op etc.

4) There are number of rubrics under various headings that denote amelioration of complaints with ‘exercising of the will’ . E:g- ‘confusion –will exercising amel of’, ‘vertigo amel will exercising of’, ‘diplopia amel will exer’, ‘nausea amel’ ….etc. It is synonymous with ‘strong will’ which ameliorates the complaints.

5) There are rubrics that denote when things do not go as per ‘the will’. E.g.-‘anger will things do not go after his’ or ‘casting off people against her will’, ‘mind contemptuous paroxysms against her will in’ etc.

6) ‘Mind confusion, muscles refuse to obey the will when attention is turned away’—person needs to concentrate on any activity that she/he is doing, lest will be unable to do so. E.g. has to concentrate on things that come with ease eventually after training and may not require much concentration thereafter like swimming, cycling etc.—anac,gels,hell,lili,tarent.

Will power is a muscle, the more you use it the more it grows.




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