Why Homeopathy

What' the remedy

Chemistry should never attempt to offer an explanation of the abnormal performances of the functions in the diseased body, since it is so unsuccessful in explaining them in the healthy state.

When it predicts what, according to its laws, must happen, then something quite different takes place ; and if the vitality overmasters chemistry in the healthy body, how much more must it do so in the diseased, which is exposed to the influence of so many more unknown forces.

And just as little should chemistry undertake to give a decision upon the suitableness or worthlessness of medicines, for it is altogether out of its sphere of vision to determine what is properly healing or hurtful, and it possesses no principle and no standard by which the healing efficacy of medicines, in different diseases, can be measured or judged of.




  1. You will need to find a certified Homeopath to take the case. Look at the CHC Website for a list in your area. Good luck. There are many remedies and Homeopathy does not prescribe on one symptom. it takes into account, the whole person physically mentally and emotionally. Find a qualified Homeopath and you’ll hopefully be helped.

  2. Halo everybody. I know that this that i am going to ask is not our today’s topic; can smbd suggest a remedy for a parkinson person (woman) that has entered last phase of the disease? 🙁 . Thanks in advance.

  3. Inimical invisible forces regularly invade the healthy system to create sickness.our system always fights to get rid of it by our nature gifted defence mechanism,what is called immune system.when our immunity fails to destry the inimical force itself we become sick.when we produce a correct invisible shadow force (that is potency homoepathic medicine)can fight against another invisible (innimical to system)force,a crud form of medicine s cannot eradicate total sickness.as an invisible can rich to another invisible and crud things cannot.as amatter of fact what we see in patient those are effect of a sick person what are called as diseases.in homeopathy we donot treat the disease,we treat the patient as a whole….article is more to come…


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