What’s the Remedy?

What' the remedy

After a fright — a heavy feeling in the forehead. A week later she told her mother not to look at her ; seems to be distrustful, and does not want to see anyone. She came running in from the street, and said people were looking at her. She sat quietly and alone ; her eyes were dim, and she shunned the light.
The symptoms have returned three times, lasting six weeks each time. This time it has lasted eight weeks, the symptoms just as before, but
without the complaints of the eyes. She often cries without cause — imagines people are finding fault with her because she is earning nothing — acts in a childish manner. At the same time heaviness of the head, when the head is in a low position ; beating in the temple on which she is lying. After taking cold, diarrhea. For the past week, coughed when lying down, with stitches in the pit of the stomach ; chilly hands and feet ; frequent motion in the bowels.

What’s the remedy?




  1. Mind- fright-ailments from:
    Acon, gels ,op
    Headache- fright,after
    Acon, ign, puls
    Why not acon and gels

  2. Chamomilla. But I would also consider Opium and Stramonium because of sx brought on by fright and recurring through remembering the fright. The other thing is Calcaria. Carbonicum doesn’t like to be looked at and often think others are looking at them.


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