What Potency do I Give?

Deciding on the potency

The nature of the disease, the age and constitution of the patient, as we have said, complete our group of reasons for determining the choice of the dilution.

Although this proposition evidently implies two distinct points, we shall, for the sake of abridging it, treat it without observing this distinction. It may, beside, be summed up in a single principle, a principle based upon observation, and of which the following is the statement :

The power of homeopathic medicines is in direct proportion to the vital activity of the subject, while the duration of their action is in inverse proportion to the same.

Whence we immediately draw the practical conclusions :

The younger and more vigorous the patient, the more acute, rapid and inflammatory the disease, and manifesting itself, as it were, by an increase of vitality, the more important it is to reduce the doses, while, at the same time, we lessen the intervals of their repetition.

For old people, on the contrary, as well as for emaciated or lymphatic subjects, of a low and feeble vitality, who are refractory or almost insensible to medicinal excitation, the lower dilutions are most appropriate.

In conclusion, to increase to a greater or less extent the intervals between the doses, in the treatment of chronic diseases, is a rigorous deduction from the principle we have just announced, and of which some general notions upon the nature of disease, developed in the following chapter, will perhaps better enable us to understand the bearing.




  1. Scatter-shot homeopathy? Throw 40 remedies at a patient and hope one works? How anti-Hahnemann can you get?

  2. I nearly always use a 30c in acutes and go higher if I am certain of the prescription and always match the intensity. And he old rule of whatever potency you have on hand when it’s urgent. For Constitutional cases I most often use LM potencies as outlined in the sixth edition of the Organon.

  3. Lingering dry cough called for 6c Ipecacuanha (worked) where 30c failed. 56 year old male with propensity for bronchitis.

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  5. 200c followed by 1m and even to 20M….other cases seems best LM potencies…trying to learn how they work…LM…but needs lock of stock…difficult in the west. Best in India for sure!

  6. Have not specific potency for specific
    Medicine for specific disease its depend on specific consultation for specific Homeo consultant .


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