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What comes to mind when you think of Silicea?




  1. You look them up and check them! Mostly though I find that other people’s responses are memory joggers for me. Also I like to read other homeopaths’ experiences of how a remedy has helped patients. But it is a site for practitioners, patients and everyone with even a scintilla of interest in homeopathy which is a good thing. If you want to check something out you can always ask on the site. Lots of people will be pleased to answer your questions.

  2. Poor assimilation, despite good food child remains frail and thin. Expells pus from oozing wounds and foreign bodies.

  3. Well as far as people’s responses, how am I to know if they are correct. Anyone could post a response. I would prefer to see remedy of the day. This is what it is good for as part of an article.

  4. Strong bones, expels foriegn particles. Lacks confidence, worries about what others think. Extremely thin, feel the cold. Ill effects of vaccination. I used this on a young girl who had paralysis down left side after cervical vaccination. Cured within 24 hrs.

  5. Minerals which are especially good for hair, skin and nails, which all have the protein Keratin, in them.

  6. This is an education site. Every day you will find a remedy of the day, clinical tips, remedy resonance and so on. Go to the website, there you will find more. The quizzes are great to proof you knowledge and to get really good hints to remember the remedies. ILH are doing such great work, thanks ILH!!!

  7. Suppuration ,removing foreign particle,sweetly hands & feets,nail fungus ,anal fistula

  8. Is it the same as silica? I’ve heard yes and no so I’m confused. I’ve also read it’s good for headaches, how long should one stay on it? Is there a Max limit?

  9. I learn a lot from the experience of others… don’t know about yourself.

  10. It is an education site. One can learn so much from contributors’ answers. The brain learns better from quiz type style learning, rather than a stream of info.

  11. It gives backbone to those feeling weak. Excellent remedy for bullied children. Great in lower potencies for expelling foreign bodies, healing boils and abscesses. Great tooth remedy. This is a fabulous remedy!

  12. It can remove any foreign body frm human.it can help in different stages of Abscess either formation of puss or expel it out of abscess.it can b use n piles too.

  13. Better skin, nails, hair and no pain in my legs anymore…how does it called… (I’m german!) -the “blood pipelines”! :-p
    I’m hating noises,-with it it’s better…formed in small pills from biochemical med…

  14. Once gave it to a lady with very sweaty hands so much so on holding her hands. Over a towel the perspiration actually dripped onto the towel. That was in a 30c she Rang me a week later extremely happy she said it was the first time she Had been able to roll a joint in months

  15. I cured my daughters psoriasis under Silicea, that she had developed after having an appendectomy and the following antibiotics. The psoriasis didn’t give me the indication of the right remedy, but very old symptoms that she had since childhood (sweaty cold feet, sweaty hands) and a newly developed headache (Headache commencing in the back of the head going to the forehead with profuse head-sweat, better from pressure). After 10 weeks the psoriasis had healed and hasn’t been back ever since.

  16. Karen Tate it means it gives back strength to the soul, vital force. Gives you back your spirit. Similar to how it gives back the strength to the hair it does to our physiology

  17. refined,image conscientious, diligent, perfectionist, obstinate, anxiety before exams,suppurative tendency,chronic constipation, sphere of action -glands ,respiratory system,skin-abscess,boils,seborrhic dermatitis .nails-white spots,chilly,agg from least draft,cr-sweets

  18. Everything suppurates, lack of grit, stubborn!! Boils, accesses. Great for gumboils. Housemaids knee. Removing foreign objects. Can be sickly. Cold wants lots of blankets.

  19. Feet sweat with rawness also complaint after checking it,suppuration of the glands, much perspiration in children about the head, wet from sweating,night walking,constipation……

  20. Specifically designed for chronic rhinitis,wounds in diabetic patients,chronic skin complaints,chronic otitis interna, etc

  21. Delicate, thin, shy, quiet, “what others think of me” (image), interested in the subtleness of things, sinusitis, right ear pain, right sided, cold, always covers head, ailments from vaccinations, warts……….!!


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