What comes to mind

Mag phos

What comes to mind when you think of Magnesia phosphorica.




  1. Cramps at the calf muscles,a real blessing in disguise,Vazgha Valamudan Homeopathy.

  2. Very recently I came across a reference to Mag Phos and Cancer of the stomach which I had not been aware of.

  3. Cramping stifness muscles relaxation works well for headachetake with warm water .

  4. forsaken feeling,remedy for orphans ,dreams-nightmares,passive aggressive,repressed emotions,electric shock like pains,right sided medicine, chilly

  5. Body aches. Pains relieved by pressure and hot applications. Sometimes pains during menses…

  6. All pains are ameliorate by heat & press/rubbing,spasmodic hiccough,writers cramp

  7. Spasmodic cramping of the abdomen, but can also be other parts of the body, better warmth better pressure.


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