Viola odorata

Sweet-scented Violet. Violaceæ (an order most members of which contain Emetin, and under which Ipec. is sometimes placed: allied to Cinchonaceæ).

The Violet was introduced by Gross and proved by Hahnemann, Gross, and Stapf. Gross says of his symptoms that they recurred equally in all positions, were mild, yet more definitely felt than from other drugs. Hahnemann had bruised pain in all the bones in the morning, in bed after waking, > after rising. Stapf had relaxation of all the muscles. The mind was greatly excited and disturbed, and V. od. found its first uses in hysterical cases. Aversion to music, especially the violin, is one of the peculiar symptoms. There is increased activity and rush of ideas, generally confused: “Can only grasp half an idea; puts it in its proper place but cannot hold it.” A keynote symptom of V. od. is Tension: “Tension of the occiput and forehead”; “Tension of the scalp of occiput even when not moving, though after rising in morning. Viola odorata




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