Vaccininum Nosode
Made from vaccine matter of variolic virus
Characteristics.─Vaccinia, Small-pox, and Grease of horses are inter-related diseases, and the nosodes of each are available for the treatment or prevention of manifestations of all three. The vaccine poison is capable of setting up a morbid state of extreme chronicity, named by Burnett Vaccinosis. And it may do this without causing the primary symptoms: when the vaccination apparently does not “take.” The symptoms of vaccinosis are protean, and are for the most part identical with the symptoms of the Sycosis of Hahnemann. Vaccinosis is a sycotic disease By John Henry CLARKE, M.D.

This patient has confusion, does not remember things at the moment she wants. Has ill humor, with nervous depression, impatient, irritable and troubled by
with restless sleep, has fear of having small pox,
Frontal headache, stitching in right temple with stinging in both temples,
feeling as it will split in two from root of nose to top of the head
Head with heat aching < forehead

Fever, with heat, thirst, tossing about, crying, aversion to food.
Chill with shaking.
Nephritis with albuminuria, hæmaturia, and dropsy, developed eleven days after vaccination; child recovered.
Backache.─Aching pain in back, < in lumbar region, extending around waist.

"Upper Limbs.─Severe pains in l. upper arm at vaccination mark, could not raise it in morning.─Rheumatic pains in wrists and hands.─Cheloids on re-vaccination marks.

Lower Limbs.─Tearing in l. thigh downward.─Soreness of lower extremities, as if heated or over-exerted.─Legs ached immoderately, hardly able to get about, a break-bone sensation, and a feeling as if bones were undergoing process of comminution. Dr. John Henry Clarke."




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