My very first introduction to homeopathy was when, over 30 years ago, a tennis elbow made my father suffer for almost a year. I remember him wearing his arm in a sling and being anguished by the slightest touch of the hand. The allopathic medicinal treatment had been ineffective. The only remaining conventional option was to have surgery that would dissect the tendons that attach the muscles to the bones at height of the elbow. This was not an option that my father was too keen of. So we searched for alternative treatment options, and my father made his first visit to a homeopath. ‘Vespa crabro’ was the remedy of choice, and seconds after an injection into the painful elbow, the suffering was over. Within seconds! We could not believe it; but when my father lifted the homeopaths desk at the edge, with that, previously so very painful arm, we knew we were onto something terrific!

Naturally such an experience has a lasting effect, and it has shaped my life and that of my family in the best of ways. Luckily this mind-opening experience happened early on in my childhood, and one could say, I grew up with homeopathy. My interest in homeopathy grew, and I was evermore convinced by this gentle treatment approach, with every little ‘wonder’ that those homeopathic remedies achieved. Eventually I wanted to use this fantastic tool of gentle and balancing health care, to aid those in the distress of disequilibrium and disease. I read books, participated in lay courses, and finally studied for a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine at the University of Central Lancashire, U.K..

A true inspiration has been my father. Following his tennis-elbow and the first experience with homeopathy, he taught himself homeopathy, to assure we, his family, could benefit from homeopathic treatment for all those ails that might pester us. As a consequence, we children never missed a day at school due to illness, and until today enjoy a healthy existence. This has motivated and nourished my engagement with homeopathy.
I have also, very positively, been impacted by the tutors that have accompanied my homeopathic educational pathway. Each of them, in their own way have made me the homeopath that I am today, and I very much value their shared wisdom, the guidance that I was able to enjoy, their catching passion, enthusiasm and dedication to homeopathy.

I fear that the integration of homeopathy into conventional practice, in the long run, may be inevitable, considering the current legislative regulation practices, in particular in Europe. But, I do hope homeopathy manages to maintain its autonomy, and remains a stand-alone treatment approach, for the sake of patient health care. I believe patients should get the best possible treatment available for their reinstatement to health, and for me this is a teaming of as much alternative & holistic health care as is possible, with as much of conventional medicine as is necessary!

Awareness of homeopathy is spreading, and my hope is that this will continue! I would like to see truthful and correct information on homeopathy shared. I wish for the public to have access to unprejudiced and quality information about homeopathy such that they can make informed choices about their health care. I do, what I can from my place and space in the world, which is why I blog (Clever Homeopathy), and publish on homeopathy: Clever H. – the Mag.




  1. I love homeopathy , it’s really works , best of luck for you , keep it up

  2. This is not a truly homeopathic administration. It was though with a homeopathic remedy. Injecting homeopathic remedies is an approach practiced within the anthroposophic medical approach. My fathers treatment was done at an anthroposophic hospital.

  3. Is it homoeopathy to administer the remedy of choice by way of injection into the affected part?


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