Aide Memoire
T: Tubercular diathesis. Tabes mesentrica . Taciturn,sulky,snappish,fretty, melancholic,even to insanity,although naturally of sweet disposition. Takes cold easily,without knowing when or where. Tubercular meningitis and arthritis.
U: Under arm sweat smelly of bad odor. Under arm( axillary), cervical, inguinal,mesentric glands enlarged.
B: Benign Mammary tumours.
E: Escape of immense white bran like scales, with rawness and fiery red skin,with intense itching,worse at night,when undressing and from bathing. Emaciation rapid and pronounced,often in spite of good appetite and eating well,easily tires from mental and physical exertion. Ever changing symptoms,beginning suddenly and ceasing suddenly.
R: Ravenous appetite,with Rapid emaciation though eating well. Ringworm of the scalp. Red streak in the centre of the tongue- G B Stearns- of 205 Homeopathic prescribing Dr S M Gunavante.
C: Chronic Tubercular headaches,from Rt eye to occiput,chronic headaches of school girls aggravated by slightest mental exertion and glasses fail to ameliorate. Constant disposition to catch cold very easily,Cosmopolitan,desires and wants to travel as he is in constant search of a place to seek solace from catching cold and respiratory troubles. Crops of boils one after another especially on the nose with intense pain,green fetid pus. Chronic diarrhea with great weakness and profuse night sweat,especially in the early morning,sudden and imperative. Chilly patient,yet wants fresh air.
U: Under developed or suppressed eruptions in persons of low vitality with Tubercular disposition or history. Undescended testes.
L: Longs for open air,wants doors and windows open or to ride in strong winds,though easily disposed to cold. Location of symptoms and ailments wander and changing from one organ to another: Lungs,Liver,brain,stomach,kidney,nervous system etc. Longs for meat especially Smoked meat.
I: Intense Itching,worse at night,when undressing,from bathing,but ameliorated by heat of the stove . Irritable at times.
N: Nocturnal hallucinations,wakes from sleep frightened and screaming. Night sweats profuse.
U: Under developed,delayed and defective dentition in patients with Tubercular history.
M: Menses soon after child bearing. Menses: too early,too profuse,too long lasting, in patients with Tubercular disposition. Mountain air very salubrious and mind has fear of dogs. Mentally patient is very much precocious but physically very weak,morose,depressed, melancholic. Mental symptoms contradictory such as mania and melancholia,insomnia and sopor. Mucus rattles in the chest,without expectoration.




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