Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents and Families


Being a parent and starting a family doesn’t come easy. It has its own shares of joys and umpteen challenges that need to be tackled efficiently with compassion. It is a start to a brand new year and the time for making resolution must have already struck your minds. While most people make individual resolutions on a yearly basis, have you ever given a thought to making family resolutions? If you haven’t then, you ought to give this a thought this time around. In this post, we have tried compiling a list of the top 10 New Year’s resolution for parents and families:

  1. Commit to outdoor activities with family:

    As a parent, you ought to spend more time with your family and the point can’t be emphasized upon enough. This time around, make an effort to spend more time outdoors with your family and kids. This can be as simple as partaking in activities like hiking, camping, bike riding etc. Activities such as these are bound to improve bonding between the families.

  2. Eating healthy:

    In our daily busy lives, we often ignore the small things in life like eating a healthy diet. This year make it a point to eat and live healthily. Make it a point to have family dinners and also incorporate healthy food into your daily diet. If you have trouble following this, then make use of meal planning apps online that will help you chalk out a healthy meal plan for you and your family. One good way of ensuring healthy eating is to involve kids in the kitchen. This will make the kids more interested during meal time.

  3. Exercising:

    Staying healthy shouldn’t be limited to having healthy food. Exercising is every bit as
    important as having a good diet. Incorporating family activities for families can be a hard job but you don’t have to be a hard taskmaster to do that. Make sure you indulge in fun-filled family activities. Go cycling or maybe have an indoor dance party. Indulging in physical activities like these will help you and your family stay fit and fine.

  4. Getting more sleep:

    Perhaps the most overlooked of things. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for the body. While we are all tempted to watch that late night show or movie together with family and loved ones but the fact is that everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis to be healthy and productive. Talk to your family and try and follow a fixed sleeping pattern every day.

  5. Volunteer as a family:

    Volunteering work is a feel-good thing and if done together as a family, improves your bonding and ensures that one learns the practice of giving back to the society. There are many ways you can help others in need this year like volunteering for a food drive for the homeless, collecting used toys and clothes for the less privileged, or volunteering at an animal shelter near your home.

  6. Do household chores together:

    More often than not, it is the lady of the house that get stuck doing all the chores. This year, make a resolution to do the household chores together like taking out the trash, or washing dishes, taking care of the laundry or cleaning the house, Rather than assigning tasks on an individual basis, try and do them all together as a family.

  7. Read together:

    What may seem like a trivial point is actually an important highlight to take note for every family. Children tend to emulate the habits of their parents. Make a concentrated effort to read with and around your children. Inculcate a reading habit amongst the family and become a role model yourself.

  8. Practice gratitude:

    We all tend to get busy with our lives and seldom make it a point to practice gratitude in our daily lives. This time around, commit you and your family to not just niceties but also meaning them from the heart. Practice them on a daily basis with your family whether it is saying “thank you” or a simple “please”. Such small things mean a great deal in conversations.

  9. Be goofy together:

    The last thing you would want for your family is to run a tight ship that makes everyone cringe. Just because you want to inculcate good habits in your family doesn’t mean that you stop having fun. Laugh out the silly moments, do a voice over of funny characters, dress up as your kid’s favorite cartoon character or just indulge in fun-filled games with your family.

  10. Give your children some responsibility:

    Giving your kids more responsibility is a great way of teaching them valuable life lessons. You can start by assigning menial simple tasks to your kids and make sure that they do them to the best of their capabilities. This will help build your child’s confidence and will help them build good qualities which will prove beneficial in the long run.

So there we have a comprehensive list of the top 10 New Year resolution’s ideas that parents and families can commit to. 
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Try and focus on the positive aspects of parenting and see your efforts bearing fruit this New Year.