Vexation and wrath, followed by fear of being brought before court, because, as she imagines, persons accuse her of having done something wrong.
Frightened look on her face. She imagines her neighbors are pursuing her ; the devil is lying in wait for her ; will come up to her through the floor of the room ; sleeps restlessly during the day ; hot during the night, with only an hour or two of sleep, disturbed by anxious dreams. She imagines she is falling into a deep abyss. She is pursued, and tries to escape by running as fast as she can.
Weakness — the feet feel as if bruised. Lachrymose — she dislikes any one who tries to dissuade her from her idea. Heat in head and face. Cheeks earthy pale, and dark red hollow face. Vertigo. Unable to walk. The body suffers alternately moderate heat and cold. Late, tardy evacuation. Urine with brickdust like sediment.

What’s the Remedy?





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