Mrs. C. F., 35 years, record contains the following symptoms :

Mind. — Thinks of nothing but death.

Homesick and worries about home whenever away.

Cross and irritable.

Memory very poor. Forgetful, which is very troublesome.

Company makes her nervous ; does not want to stay and visit with friends when they come to call or spend the evening.

Imagines there are persons in the room.

Difficult to concentrate her thoughts on any one thing long enough to complete it.

Head. — Headache most of the time, severe pressure at base of skull.

Pain in right side of head extending down to neck.

Aggravation from warmth of bed; from mental exertion.

Amelioration from lying.

Itching of scalp with much dandruff, with falling of hair.

Vertigo in hot room and when rising from seat.

Stomach. — Hungry all the time, but a little satisfies. Much belching of tasteless gas. Desires sweets which disagree.

Abdomen. — Sensitive to pressure of clothing. Much rumbling of flatus with pressure both up and down.

Urination. — Profuse, pale and alkaline. Sometimes burning in bladder after urination.

Menses. — Profuse. Irregular. Dark, with dark clots.

Very much depressed and inclined to be tearful before menses. Leucorrhoea profuse for few days after menses — excoriates.

Sleep. — Good but unrefreshing. Wakens tired and exhausted.

Very sleepy after dinner (at night).

Dreams frightful’, usually of drowning.

General Aggravations and Amelioration. — Better in open air.

Worse from pressure of clothes about abdomen and throat.

Very sensitive to noise.





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