The power of the globule

Gentlemen, we should never be afraid of studying the question of doses in its most universal aspect. A physician who treats this question carelessly, or in the gross, can never become a philosophical student of Homoeopathy. Her genius does not overshadow him.

Small doses are undoubtedly abused by some practitioners of our School. I do not believe that those who use the high potencies on every occasion meet with as much success in practice as do those wiser men who are not bound by quantities but who are guided in the graduation of the dose by the qualitative relation of the dose to the diseased organism.

On the other hand I have no sympathy with men who make it their boast, that they peddle out their powders and tinctures under the black flag of materialism. To them Nature, robed in her garments of beauty, reveals nothing of the spirit-world hidden in her magic hues and perfumes. What
thinking homeopathist can behold the kingdom of drugs without feeling that he stands in the presence of living, though invisible
forces ? Is a drug nothing but an aggregation of molecules ? A combination of chemical elements ? I would rather people Nature with the gnomes and sprites of romance than to make it a huge workshop where every thing which cannot be precipitated in a crucible or observed in the focus of a microscope, is decreed to be nothing. To us, drugs are emblematic of power, and it is with this power which the drug hides in its bosom, that we operate cures which sometimes border on the miraculous.

Do not get frightened at the little globule. Remember that this globule may meet the very point out of which the series of morbid phenomena which you are called upon to extinguish, have developed themselves in the organism. Stop this fountain-head of disease, and the whole train of symptoms, which have flowed from it, will disappear of themselves. And then, it is not the unaided globule, or the drop, that is instrumental in effecting a cure. There is a unity in the principles and forces of nature, and the little globule or drop may be the representative of a mighty power sanctioning and intensifying, as it were, the action of its humble minister.

The vital force is an unit, from which no individual vitality is separated. As long as the human organism lives, it lives from this, and in this, universal living sphere. The drug-force is another unit of which the various drugs are depositories or visible manifestations, forms. Wheresoever
this drug-force exists, it is in rapport with, and maintained by the universal drug-force just as surely as every individualized vitality
is in rapport with, and exists from and by the universal life. It is not then with the globule that you operate, but with the globule
bucked by the force of which it is an atomic embodiment. The difficulty is to operate upon the right point.

Archimedes, the great mathematician of Syracuse, is reported to have said : ” If I knew where to apply my lever, I could move the universe.” So, too, might the homoeopathic physician move the disease, if he knew its precise starting-point in the organism, with a very trifling expenditure of force, for this force is backed by a vis a tergo of which the globule is simply the incipient point as it were.

The ambassador of Frederick the Great at the court of London had such a small salary that he had to walk to the diplomatic meetings, To his complaints about his scanty means, the king replied : ” Tell your colleagues that every word you utter, is backed by two hundred thousand bayonets.”
So is the homoeopathic globule backed by an immense power, a vis a tergo, provided it is the accredited representative of this power,
perceived and accepted as such by the disease upon which it is to act.

Gentlemen, I have no desire to talk to you in parables ; but who can address himself to the mystery of a homoeopathic cure without looking into the infinite of law? Let those who believe in the grossness of the common practice, sneer at homoeopathic transcendentalism ; no true homoeopathist should ever be afraid of being led by the infinitely small into the infinitude of universal principles.




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