Charles had to admit that Dr. Gully’s treatments were not quackery after all. After 16 weeks, he felt like a new man, and was able to go home to resume his important work. Darwin actually wrote that he was ‘of almost perfect health’.

Read more about this, in the Article The CURIOUS CASE OF CHARLES DARWIN AND HOMEOPATHY. A great article by Dana Ullman.

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  1. Yes you are correct, I just couldn’t think of it. Wonderful actually and it saved me from the dreaded fusion operation. It goes withut saying that the spinal consultant I saw was amazed when he saw thge results because according to the MRI there had been no healing, luckily I had to make a list of what medication I was on and I listed the Homeopathic meds. He arranged for a CT scan just in case and there it was a thin line of new bone growth. I was so thankful.

  2. Very well written and very INTERESTING article. Thank you, Dana. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

  3. i was prescribed two bone builders, can ‘t recall exact names at the moment but they saved me a fusion op when I broke my back. Homeopathy works!

  4. DrPaulND Seriously, Darwin disdained homeopaths and homeopaths, and homeopaths saying it was the homeopathy that cured him are making it up

  5. SukuunHolistics nope, he had a doctor who did homeopathy, but only as part of his practice and Darwin did not approve of that.

  6. I recently cracked rib #5 on the right. I used 200c Arnica every 15 min. and used a spray of magnesium and arnica gel. It took 2 weeks The bruising was gone and I was able to resume activity.


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