calc carb child

The Calcarea carb children who are scrofulous ; who are fleshy, yet not well developed as to bone, brain or muscle.

The face is rather pale, occasionally, however, flushing up red. Usually the color is of a watery or chalky paleness. The child is slow in its movements. It is not active, nervous, or quick, as we find in the case of the Sulphur child. It is peevish and self-willed, especially towards morning. Growth is irregular, so that the head is disproportionately large to the rest of the body.

This defect is one of osseous growth; thus you find the fontanelles remaining open, particularly the anterior fontanelle. The abdomen is large and has been compared to an inverted saucer or basin. The features are rather large, and the lips, particularly the upper, are swollen. Dentition is slow. There is craving for boiled eggs.

The scalp sweats profusely, particularly during sleep. This is not usually a warm sweat, nor is it a cold sweat; but it is cool from natural evaporation. When the child awakes, you notice the pillow damp or wet for some little space around the head. The feet are often cold and clammy.




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