Prompt restoration of Health


That self limitation or removal of the cause may release enough recuperative power to insure recovery cannot be overlooked, but this is a vastly different thing from the prompt restoration witnessed in genuine homoeopathic healing.




  1. You know how the medical profession always claims the placebo effect? Well I believe that there is something similar to that effect. It happens when you go to a Homeopath and they listen to what you have to say, they test you, (Mine does) and finds out what is actually wrong. He/she doesn’t say, see how you feel for a couple of weeks or go home and take a paracetomol and rest. A Homeopath is there for the person before him or her. He is being paid to find answers. This is when the effect begins to happen, I call it The Homeopathic Effect. That feeling when your confidence grows that you will get better without the need for antibiotics and strangely enough you feel better in yourself, when you leave, better than when you walked through the door. Maybe that is what they mean by The Placebo Effect?


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