Among the remedies for prevention of Sunstroke, GELSEMIUM is the most important. I covers all the symptoms of a man who feels “played out” as Lilienthal so characteristically designates it.

It is specially indicated in Hot, damp, stifling weather the exact meteorological condition of sun stroke and it has at least in my practice, proved itself adequate to the occasion.

C. G. Raue. M. D




  1. That would depend on the intensity and if symptoms go away with one dose. I personally always begin with a 30c unless it’s a very serious case then I’ll go with a 200c. Many times a single 30c is all that is needed. With a re-dose if symptoms are helped but not quite gone. It should get better or completely dissipate with each dose.

  2. I’ve used that successfully if the symptoms fit but this is good to know as well.

  3. My first cured case when I was a novice homeopath was a man with MS. I used Gels. It was amazing to see, especially as a newbie.

  4. I have also found a combination of Nat Mur + Nux Vom + Bryonia in 30 potency useful for persistent headaches

  5. use arnica 200,Hypericum 200 pills in potencies and take is every half an hour for early cure.

  6. Nat mur 6x and merc Sol 30 if gum recede from teeth merc sol is the best remedy

  7. My gums swell and recede from teeth especially the two molars on every jaw. The pain is aggravated by both hot and cold drinks. It is worse as from 4am with lot of saliva. Which homeopathic remedy can I use?

  8. Gelsemium 200. , Glonoinum 30 , Belladona 30 , Iris verisicola 30 . and Sanguinaria 30 are what i have given to patients works like charm. Nat Mur. for headaches due to puberty in young girls and school and college girls studying under high pressure due to course work / exams

  9. As a protection, taking 3 globules Nat mur 6 X 2 to 3 times during sun exposure is good.
    If Sun exposure produces heat in eye balls, red eyes, Staphysagria helps. If head ache , fever & pain in roof of head, heat in roof of head is felt, Glonoine is good.
    Also Belladonna and Bryonia as per symptoms.
    Best protection : 10 drops of Lime juice in a glass of water with Himalayan salt/black salt + sea salt + little Sugar + pinch of Cumin powder. Drink 4 homes during Sun exposure.

  10. I heard and known Belladona// Natrum Mur// Glonine // Aconite with fear and some exceptional cases Carboveg. But first time hearing Gelsimium.


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