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S:-Stoop shouldered, walk and sit stooped. Standing being the worst position, that aggravates the complaints, drops into a chair. Speculates on religious or philosophical subjects “ragged philosophers”. Selfish, no regard for others. Sleep in cat-naps, irresistible sleepiness during the day, wakeful whole night. Slightest noise awakens/ disturbs him. Suspicious and taciturn. Soreness in the folds of the skin. Sudden and hunger and weakness at 11 A M, cannot stand hunger for long. Suppression of skin eruptions. Soft stool or diarrhoea , often drives him out of bed especially at 5 A M or 6 A M. Stiffness of ankles and knees, cannot walk erect, hence stoop shouldered. Sleep apnoea in the middle of the night, relieved by sitting up and wants windows opened.
Skin is rough, coarse, untidy, and measly, the more the eruption is scratched, the more it itches and burns. Satiety after a small quantity of food, hence eats little and drinks much. Stool sometimes hard, knotty, dry as if burnt (Bryo), large and painful. Seminal discharge too quick, shortly after an erection. Sulphur subjects are nearly always irritable, depressed, thin and weak, even though with good appetite and canine hunger. Scalp dry, itching, and scratching causes burning and worse by washing. Sweat in the armpit smells like garlic.

U:-Urethral burning after coition or on seminal discharge. Unbearable itching, especially from warmth, warmth of the bed, night etc. Unable to stand erect as it aggravates his complaints. Useful in haemorrhoids, when bowels prove inactive. Urine, colorless, of great quantity, must hurry with sudden call to micturate.

L:-Labor like pains across the pubes. Loud rumbling and grumbling in abdomen. Left shoulder pains. Left side preferred to sleep on. Loafs, lazy to arouse himself.

P:-Puerperal septicaemia, after suppressed lochia (Pyro). Phlegmasia alba dolens- Pruritus pudendi. Perspiration of the groins offensive. Phimosis. Pustular eczema of any part. Parts around the anus red, excoriating. Pain in the small of the back and in coccyx, of violent bruised type, especially when stooping or rising from seat. Pulse more rapid in the morning than in the evening. Puts feet out of bed at night to keep them cool.

H:-Hot flushes at climacteric, with hot head, hands and feet. Has to get up at night to eat. Halo of colors around the light. Heat in the soles of feet or cold feet with burning soles,wishes to find a cool place for them or puts them out of bed or sheets. Heat on top of the head, vertex constant. Heat and burning in the eyes. History of long suppressive treatments often calls for judicious use of sulphur.

U:-Unclean, untidy body habits, averse to bathing or washing as it aggravates them, yet are oversensitive to filthy odors. Unclear cases, when indicated remedy fails elicit response, sulphur often clears the path or throws light. Used as inter current remedy, when indicated remedy meets obstruction in its action or there is psoric miasmatic block which is indicative of sulphur.

R:- Redness of the orifices of the body, red anus, red mouth of urethra, lips bright red as if blood would burst through. Red eyelids, ears or nostrils. Relapse of complaints continually such as menses, leucorrhoea etc. They seem to get well, when the disease returns again and again. Rectal itching and burning worse by heat and better by cold. Redness and burning of the urinary meatus. Religious melancholy.

Aggravation: In the evening, after midnight, in the early morning (5 A M), at 11 A m, From warmth, from warmth of the bed, when standing, from touch, from bathing or washing, during rest, changeable weather, during climacteric, after taking milk, periodically, from alcoholic stimulants and in a closed room.

Amelioration: During motion, on walking, in dry warm weather, from lying on the right side, from drawing up the affected limbs and in the open air.





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