Staphysagria Homeopathy

What comes to mind when you think of STAPHYSAGRIA?




  1. I forgot to add that it is gray for those who find themselves susceptible to insect bites

  2. Resolved a surgical scar under my eye in a matter of days: Staph 30C 3X per day for 3 days. Can’t even tell which eye, where!

  3. I checked your profile I think this remedy also for youU0001f604U0001f604U0001f604

  4. But keep in mind that you have to stop smoking otherwise craving will re- appear.

  5. Stressed anger is the main symptom.. along with stomach ache works even better. And especially on the lower lid stye …. never fails in it . I have tried it

  6. Best for smoker craving, I used this medicine during month of Ramadan to avoid craving, muscular stresses and pains during fasting.

  7. Wonderful remedy. For use after tooth extra action also streamlining urine flow

  8. Thought of in the doctrine of signatures, the a person requiring this remedy has sustained an abuse or injury that they feel they can never fully recover from. Is anybody here studying Jan Scholten’s plant theory? I am a student of homeopathy entering my fourth year. My school teaches Jan’s plant and element theory.

  9. Staphysagria is a beautiful flower but once it is broken it has no way of righting itself and is forced to live out its lifespan broken.

  10. In addition to the wonderful comments, tthe underlying feeling of being defenseless after abuse of some kind.

  11. Effects of abuse
    Suppressed anger
    Newly married urinary tract infections

  12. Suppression of anger for a long period of time fear of humiliation teeth decay

  13. Ailments from Indignation and sties coming one after another in a row..urinary complaints in newly married person

  14. All kind off ailments from suppressed anger, especially urogenital complaints. Wounded pride; Stab wounds…

  15. Retention of urine after surgery, ailments from humiliation, fits of anger, suppression of feelings

  16. Intolerant of injustice.
    Suppression of anger…may throw items
    Agg naps…esp in afternoon
    High sex drive
    Trembeling from strong emotions


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