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“Arghh ! there’s another long piece…and I only just checked the whole lawn this morning.”




  1. As an attending physician who over sees naturopathic/homeopathic students in training in a clinical setting, I witness confusion and ideologic impediments from their classroom studies. Typically they will spend an hour or an hour and a half with a new patient and come to me with ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ on a ‘polycrest’ remedy. No complete symptoms, no SRP’s, no concomitant symptoms. Just theories about silicea or sulphur or lycopodium, etc. are given. This is not homeopathy. We have 4,500-5,000 remedies and they are all valid and useful. Our predecessors had a commanding knowledge of these wonderful medicines. To relegate ourselves and our profession to a hundred ‘polycrest’ is a great disservice to the art and science of homeopathy. I strongly recommend reading EB Nash’s How to Take the Case. Here is a link to a free copy.
    If you depend too much on the ‘constitution’ of the patient you will succumb to what Nash calls ‘routinism’. That means giving the same few medicines over and over again.
    If you were taught that ‘layers’ need to be removed to clear the case, then I recommend you read paragraph 14 of the Organon.
    The theory of ‘layers’ stands in direct contradiction of Hahnemann’s teachings.
    All this said, I really appreciate and love this website. So much good information, and with a good intention. Even in homeopathy we need to challenge and think critically about what we are taught.
    Namaste U0001f64f

  2. Looking for a homeopath for my daughter’s eczema. Any suggestions on a doc?

  3. This is why it’s important to learn how to use their ways of being, to learn who they are. He’s showing signs off perfectionist so it could be Arsenicum alb or Silicea would need to see more details, body structure, profession ect.

  4. Oh dear – come on people. We all know we wouldn’t prescribe a remedy just based on the fact that this guy trims his lawn with scissors! There’s no suggestion that we might guess!!

  5. I love this site, not for it’s 100 % correct answers but because it encourages me to put on my thinking cap

  6. While we might all come to a different conclusion, perhaps this exercise is about learning and sharing concepts of how to look at characteristics of humans rather than always a choice being the correctness of a remedy. But perhaps maybe this is also about discussing options. Judgements or comments that take away our tiny community of healers only destroy our tiny process to keep homeopathy alive U0001f64fU0001f3fd

  7. ARS ALB
    Mind; censorious, critical
    Mind; conscientious about trifles
    Mind; fastidious
    Mind; rest; cannot, when things are not in proper place

  8. You cannot guess at a remedy with this information. Maybe use the rubric Mind- Conscientious about trifles. Nothing further can be surmised. Homeopathy is a science, not a game of intuition or guessing.

  9. Arsenic…. reason might b gold headed crown FASTIDIOUSness… I right sir???… or there is some mental illness in ur Q???….


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