SHOWCASE: A case for Antimonium tartaricum

case study

Mr. Watrous, aged 85, suddenly became paralyzed, one whole side. After a short time he went into an unconscious condition, and his breathing became very difficult, with coarse rattling of mucus and cyanosed look of the face. This looked like paralysis of the lungs, in keeping with the rest of his paralytic state. But he would swallow yet if fluid was put into his mouth. So I mixed a few pellets of Tartar emetic c. m. in water, and told them they might give him a teaspoonful once an hour as long as he could swallow. The effect was splendid. He came promptly out of his comatose condition, and lived two years, but, of course, he did not at that age regain the use of the paralyzed side. (Nash).
Again, I had a very obstinate case of intermittent fever in my early practice. I had floundered around among the routine remedies (Quinine among the rest) for weeks, and felt disgusted with myself, for I knew homeopathy was all right if I could only apply ; finally on these symptoms-
1. Short chill followed by
2. Long lasting heat, with
3. Somnolency, with pale face and sweat on forehead – I prescribed Antimonium tartaricum 200th. The next paroxysm was much lighter, the next has never come since thirty years ago. It never will.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash.




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