Saccharum officnale

Saccharum officinale in particular is to be remembered as similar to Calcarea ostrearum.

This drug has been proved on several persons, and has many confirmations. It is indicated in children who are large-limbed, fat and bloated, with a tendency to dropsy. It has produced opacity of the cornea, and it ought to cure it.

The mental states which lead me to the use of Cane-sugar are these:

The child is dainty and capricious;
he cares nothing for substantial food, but wants little ” nicknacks;”
he is always cross and whining, and if old enough he is indolent, and does not care to occupy himself in any way. Everything seems to be too much trouble to him.

Dr. Smits in his article writes
After a continued and still deeper experience with this remedy (2 years after the publications of this article in the Homeopathic Links 3/95) I would define the essence of this remedy as: lack of self love, leading to fear not to deserve his mother’s love and to fear to be abandoned by her. I noticed that in children as well as in adults this fear to be abandoned initially is not always expressed, but during the treatment with Saccharum this layer dissolves only completely when this fear raises at the surface and finally disappears.

The conviction not to be worthy of the love of his parents, especially that of the mother is a deep rooted conviction and has to be resolved step by step. The basis of this fear is caused by a lack of self-love. Therefore the cure of this layer means also increase in self-love. Self-love is in some way the basis of love, as Jesus said: ‘Love the others as you love yourself’. If there is not sufficient self-love man becomes easily jealous and love becomes in some way a deal: ‘If you love me I love you too, if you don’t give me love any more, I don’t give you any more my love.’ Unconditional love is not depending on this kind of conditions and to be a ‘free lover’ we have to become free of greed, jealous and the anxiety not to be loved and not to deserve love. This is only possible if we learn to love ourselves again.

That this fear of being abandoned is mostly connected with the mother is because the child experiences his mother as the one who is his source of love, warmth, affection and assures his need for food and security. She caries and rocks him during the first nine months of his terrestrial life and assures love, affection and food during his first steps in the outer world.

The original article of Dr. Smits can be read here




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