Common names: Bitter dock, Curled dock, garden patience, narrow dock, Sour dock.

The “Yellow Dock” or “Curled Dock” is a common British weed, introduced and growing wild in North America, where the provings were made. The common Dock of our fields and roadsides, Rumex obtusifolia, has a reputation among children as the best antidote to the nettle’s sting; a reputation which is very well deserved, as I can testify. Rumex crispus, according to Joslin, quoted by Hale, was used by allopaths internally and externally for the cure of itch. This points to one of the leading actions of Rx. c. as developed in the provings. Among the constituents and salts of Rx. c. are Sulphur and Calc. Ph. (Hale); and Sul., Calc., and Pho. are strongly represented in its action. Rx. c., again, is a close ally of Rheum, and has analogous purgative and other properties. The provings were made by Houghton, Joslin, H. M. Paine, Bayard, Rhees, &c., both with the tincture and with attenuations, and its characteristics were well defined. A keynote of many Rx. c. cases is sensitiveness to cold air. The cough and skin symptoms are < by uncovering or exposure to air. Guernsey thus describes the cough of Rx. c.: “Cough caused by an incessant tickling in throat-pit, which tickling runs down to the bifurcation of the bronchial tubes; touching the throat brings on the cough; by covering up all the body and head with the bed-clothes there is no cough.” Correspondingly this symptom of Paine’s has led to many cures of skin cases: “While undressing, and for some time after, considerable itching of surface of lower limbs “ÔöÇwhere exposure to air is again the exciting cause. The characteristic diarrh┼ôa of Rx. c. occurs in the early morning, driving the patient out of bed; it comes on after catarrh, and is often associated with the characteristic cough of the remedy. The Rx. c. cough causes expulsion of urine; and it may even cause expulsion of the f┼ôtus in pregnant women.





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