Homeopathic Remedies for RHEUMATISM


Remedy resonance for Rheumatism.
Here we compare the remedies that are indicated for Rheumatism

Arctium lappa: Arctium lappa may also be compared with Bryonia in rheumatism. It cures soreness of the muscles, dull pains, all worse from motion.

Rhus toxicodendron: For rheumatism after exposure to wet, especially when one is overheated and perspiring. The Rhus patient finds relief from moving about. Rhus attacks the fibrous tissues, the sheaths of the muscles.

Viola odorata: Viola odorata has a specific action on the right wrist.

Bryonia alba: Bryonia in muscular rheumatism. The muscles are sore to the touch, and at times swollen, and, there is aggravation of the pains from the slightest motion. The pains and swelling either shift not at all or else very slowly.
The local inflammation is violent; The parts are very hot, and dark
or pale-red.

Ledum palustre: Ledum is useful for rheumatic or gouty inflammation of the great toe; tends to harden into nodosities. In hot swelling of the hip and shoulder joints.

Guaiacum: Guaiacum is useful in chronic forms of rheumatism when the joints
have become distorted by the concretions

Actea spicata: Actea spicata has a special affinity for the smaller joints.The patient goes out feeling tolerably comfortable, but as he walks the joints ache and even swell.

Caulophyllum: Caulophyllum is especially suited to rheumatism of the phalangeal and metacarpal joints, particularly in females.




  1. After sleep I had pressed my right arm to wake up from then there is pain in both arms when stretched upwards Please help

  2. Sorry you are posting the incorrect info.In fact Actea spicata for small joints and wrist joints whereas the viola odorata is for metatarsal joints of foot.pl confirm

  3. Mujhe bahut jyada cold aur cough hai subah ke time nose se patla pani aata hai aur sham ko nose band ho jata hai sirdard hai please kuch medicine batayen

  4. even Benzoic Acid and Arnica Mont too play wonders if administered in proper cases.

  5. Why missed colchicum and phyto. Violo is very rare remedy. Not much proved.


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