Ferrum phos rheumatism

A Quick Cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism.

April 23rd was called to see a young man with inflammatory rheumatism; temperature 103°; tongue coated yellow; left wrist, right elbow, left knee, and right ankle swollen and painful; could not move. He had been the same way the year before, and when I went in he said:

“I suppose this means six or eight weeks again.” I called for two glasses, each half full of water. Into one I put Ferrum phos.3x, a teaspoonful, and ordered a teaspoonful of the solution every hour. Into the other I put the same quantities of Kali sulph. , and gave a teaspoonful every two hours.

The next morning I was surprised to hear he was very much better, and on the fourth day he came in and paid his bill.

(I,. K. Cook, M. D.)




  1. Ramakrishnan Ji, try to see the differences between the homeopathy and allopathic homeopathy as per the homeopathic physiology.

  2. Ferrum phos is my best companion always .onset of any problem it helps me

  3. I don’t know what this practice of homeopathy should be called. How it can be prescribed blindly?


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