Quotes: “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can…I wear my heart on my sleeve…Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons.”




  1. Yes, again I totally agree. I was just curious what I LOVE HOMEOPATHY’s “answer” would be. What a useless and confusing, and potentially harmful, quiz this, and all the other quizzes, is.

  2. Sometimes we have to come up with a remedy when we don’t have much to go on: emergencies, babies, pets, species we haven’t studied such as lizards, vegetation, etc. We have an ideal way of working and then there is life. U0001f61c

  3. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY sometimes gives answer but what is use of it? Because at first make people confused and then giving answer!!!!

  4. Sorry, but I still can’t find where I LOVE HOMEOPATHY gave an “answer”, and it has been well over 24 hours.

  5. I once again request to I LOVE HOMEOPATHY to stop quiz postings and educate homeopathy lovers by posting symptoms and it’s homeopathic remedies directly therefore we will not be confused henceforth. It’s right that you are giving correct remedy after 24 hours but what about 23 hours confusion?

  6. Thanks to Shirley Guertin and Chandrasekhar Pore for being with me on this serious issue

  7. There are leading symptoms / keynotes which lead us to a remedy. Anyone who understands homeopathy knows this is not the only symptom we use. When looking at a case, sometimes there may be a couple of remedies we are considering and a client’s quote may help us finish it. This is to help us understand keynotes of remedies for mental states.

  8. And phosphorus also matches because she was very close to those who suffered

  9. Lakshmi naidoo
    You use “sir” only when addressing a male. Otherwise referring to one, English way is to use “Mr.”

  10. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY to understand the mentals of a remedy you should start a quiz after the remedy worked real fine and solved the case. But not like this…

  11. Treatment comes as whole body, not just part of it…follow what Sir Hahnemann wants us to do…please.

  12. Ganesh Nagare, The answer to the quiz is given after 24 hours, giving everyone a chance to have a go at it. It is posted as a comment. If you follow the post you will find the answer. For posts like these that are questions which fans discuss about and understand remedies. It is s fun and social way to learn about the remedy! By the way the admin reads every comment that is posted on this page! 🙂

  13. i think she was lac leo after wathcing the movie and reading about her, she had probelm food and she would protect her children no matter what

  14. How about manipulative, passive-agressive, sly, attention-seeking, looking only after her own interests, wrong decisions, could not understand what it meant to be a mother of a future King of a Christian country, ..?
    Anyone agrees?
    Which remedy this could be?

  15. Please do not make fun, even light hearted with homoeopathy when by different comments the fun may turn to some serious issue. Secondly is this the way to prescribe a remedy homoeopathically ?

  16. It is not a fun in anyway, it’s a seriously made comment, please note and obliged

  17. I agree, this encourages prescribing on one symptom and makes Homeopathy look unprofessional. It’s annoying.

  18. The shy gaze is Puls. A girl from an aristocratic background working in a crèche is Puls. Ignatia and Nat would have pursued her studies.

  19. Interesting post I enjoyed reading about remedies and comments more such posts pls

  20. Why are we doing this…. This is not Homeopathic way….please stop …thank you…

  21. Pulsatilla..
    You will fall in love….
    And 99% rubrics of pulsatilla could matched her

  22. Ignatia! 🙂 – She has been cheated by her husband all her life long…Silent grief!

  23. What happens in your quiz posting is different commentators suggest different remedies that is why one can get easily confused so reatedly requesting you not to post any quiz but I am sorry to mention here that @Admin is not paying any towards this issue why I don’t know @Admin better knows.

  24. Adamas, perhaps not as a life time constitutional, but for sure for a time after she became Charles’ wife.

  25. Puslatilla beautifull females of sympathetic nature
    How can I forget my viva voice
    Sir said like him me retorted no like Lady Diana

  26. Pulsatilla, abandoned, people pleaser, sympathetic, naive, opportunist, nurturing,


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