An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Headaches.

Headache & migraines


Sunstroke, especially from sleeping in the rays of the sun ; fullness and heaviness in the forehead, as if the whole brain would start out through the eyes ; beating and shooting in the head ; headache as if the brain were moved or raised, worse during motion, drinking, talking, or sunlight; burning as if the brain were moved by boiling water; on going into a warm room forehead feels as if compressed; pressure in forehead, temples, and top of bead; headache so violent that she loses consciousness, and lies as if in a fainting fit; dry heat, agitation, congestion, anxiety, with heat and redness of the face, or pale face, pulse full and strong, or small and-quick, worse towards evening ; great sensitiveness to odors ; frequent micturition.


Fullness and heaviness of head, without pain, but with vertigo and faintness towards evening.


Violent pain, as if the brain were dashed to pieces ;
pressing pain in the forehead as if it would split, at its acme vomiting, and finally diarrhrea; headache ceases with discharge of flatus downwards ; stitches and pulsations in the head ; distressing pain in occiput, nape, and down the spine, better from bending stiffly backwards.


Pain as though sharp ice touched the head or cold needles pierced it: headache of persons subject to chorea, or who readily become delirious in  fever or with pain (nervous temperament) ; dull headache, especially in forehead, must move the head constantly
to and fro, and close the eyes as for sleep ; tearing and pressure in left half of the brain ; pressing in right side as if a nail were thrust in, worse sitting quietly, better moving slowly about.


Tearing, with pressure in the temples and forehead, worse during motion ; contracting headache from reading; pain in upper head, as from staying in a close damp room ; looking to one point relieves it.

87. ALOE

Dull pressing frontal headache, rendering him unfit for all labor, especially mental ; congestions to the head, compelling one to sit down ; headache across the forehead, with heaviness of the eyes and nausea ; weight on vertex, pressing outwards to the temples^
with periodic heat of the face, and flickering before the eyes; worse
from heat, and better from cold applications.


Headache with constipation relieved by lying quiet in bed; throbbing frontal pain, worse going upstairs or stepping; with nausea.


Pressure in forehead with fear of becoming crazy; extremely painful tearing on top of the head, and apparently in the whole upper part of the brain, with paleness of the face and coldness of the left hand ; pressive drawing ascending from the napeof tlie neck, and
extending through the head towards the forehead, considerable oppression remaining in the lower part of the occiput.


Sensation of looseness of the brain, as if the brain fell to the side toward which he leaned ; stitches in various parts of the brain ; pulsating, beating, and pressing in forehead, as if it would burst, worse after eating and in the open air, better from pressure and in warm room.


Constrictive headache in the forehead, with very irritable mood, pains increase hourly, momentarily relieved by strong pressure ; finally the whole head becomes affected, worse during motion ; relieved entirely by eating or lying down at night; worse during motion or work.


Stupefying dull headache in the forehead, so violent that sweat broke out from anxiety when walking in the fresh air; violent headache after bathing in the river, with
weakness in the limbs and aversion to food; dull headache and vertigo, increased by ascending stairs; falling off of the hair; nausea loathing, no appetite, vomiting.



Brain feels tired, as if gone to sleep ; dull, heavy, tensive headache over the eye, with pain through the orbits ; chronic headaches, affecting forehead, temples, and eyes, with vertigo, nausea, and vomiting; burning and throbbing in head, worse by motion and
stooping, temporarily better by pressing the head firmly with the hands; aggravation in a warm room or when rising up from a sitting or lying position.


Painful sensation of emptiness in the head; pressing-burning pain in the skull, principally in the temporal bones, renewed every day at noon, with soreness of the external head, worse by pressure and contact, better in fresh air; left-sided headache as if in the brain- at first only slight drawing, but gradually becoming more violent, at its culmination raging as though a nerve was being torn, ceasing suddenly.


Migraine in consequence of hepatic disorders, gastric difficulties, or uterine disorders ; caused by emotions or changes of temperature, with trembling of the whole body, nausea
with fainting, unusual lassitude and retention of all secretions ; sensation as if the bones of the skull separated, and as if the body, especially the face and head, expanded ; better by pressure or tight bandaging, worse from any exhaustive mental labor, letters would
then run together; vertigo, vomiting, and trembling of hands.


Pains over one’s eye, with compression in forehead and greenish vomiting ; headache as from a nail thrust into a temple, with general sweat about midnight, followed by faintness ; burning and heat in the head, the rest of the body cool, better when at rest ;
cutting through the head as with a knife, followed by a sensation of internal coldness of the head.


Intense frontal headache, with vertigo ; tearing in the head with vomiting, when raising up the head ; headache after meals, relieved by applying cold water, or by walking in the
fresh air ; sensation in the brain as if it were torn to pieces, with unquenchable thirst ; periodical headaches.


Hysteric hemicrania, with flushed face, heat in the head, dryness of the eyes, and consensual gastric derangements, such as rancid taste in the mouth, distension and rumbling of the bowels, diarrhea, or constipation. All the headaches are worse to-
wards evening, in the room, while at rest, sitting or lying, better when rising or moving about in the fresh air.


Sensation as if a current of air were rushing through the head, if it be not kept warm ; congestion to and heat in the heat, with sparks before the eyes ; glossy bloatedness of the face, aggravated from every mental exertion and motion ; migraine, stitching, burning pains; beating in one side of forehead; nausea, even bilious vomiting.


Headache from the heat of the sun ; nervous headache, frequently semi-lateral, especially right side, from 4 P.M. to 3 A.M., aggravated by the heat of the bed, and by lying down ; better when sitting up, feeling in the brain like like swashing of water ; cold
sensation in the brain in the middle of the forehead ; pressive frontal headache, so severe when walking that the eves were drawn shut; frequently obliged to stand still in walking from the violence of the pain in forehead ; at every step it seemed as if the brain rose and fell, relieved by strong pressure on forehead; violent throbbing in brain from behind forwards and towards both sides ; finally painful shootings; stabbing as if with a knife, from temple to temple; boring, tearing, cutting, shooting pains in various parts of head,
worse on right side and in forehead, less in occiput; headache is accompanied by vertigo, stupefaction, red and bloated face, red eyes ; excessive sensitiveness to noise, ligiit. shock, or contact, ill humor; pains come on suddenly, last indefinitely, but cease suddenly; headache from catching cold in the head, as from having the
hair cut.


Severe neuralgic pains in temples, with cutting in them ; excessive dull frontal headache; worse when reading or walking ; hot and flushed face ; vertigo when moving the head ; smarting of the eyes, with congestion of conjunctiva.


Sensation as if the head were much enlarged ; deep-seated headache at night ; worse from sitting up; headache right side in the morning. left evening.


Headache after drinking milk ; left-sided hemicrania ; raging from the frontal sinus down to the base of the brain, with marked increase of pulse in volume and frequency; worse in the sun; passes off when in the shade.


Headache as if the head would burst, with dry and often parched lips ; worse by even so slight a motion as moving the eyelids. Eyeballs so painful that the patient cannot bear to have them touched ; tearing headache, especially on the right side, shooting down to the cheeks and bones of the face ; striking, jerking, throbbing headache, from forehead back to the occiput; headache in occiput extending to the shoulders ; headache commences in the morning, not on waking, but when first opening the eyes; headache, with vomiting, nausea, and desire to lie down ; it sets in every day- after dinner ; worse by walking, stooping, and by contact; vehement quarrelsome disposition.

69. BUFO

Headache, aggravated by light and noise, accompanied by cold feet and palpitation of the heart; headache after breakfast ; one-sided headache (right),  profuse -perspiration on the head.


Icy coldness in and on the head, also one-sided, with pale, puffed face ; headache, with empty eructations and nausea; Vertigo ; worse from mental exertion, stooping, or walking in the open air; better by closing the eyes and lying down ; headache begins on
the occiput and spreads to the top of the head, so severe one thinks the head would burst and one would go crazy ; throbbing headache in middle of brain every morning, lasts all day ; headache from over-lifting ; menstrual headache ; worse going upstairs, talking, or walking in hot sun, from taking cold; better from tight bandaging, vomiting of mucus and bile ; pressure, with cold hands.


Headache of schoolboys and girls, now and then increased to violent attacks,particularly after mental exertions, sometimes the worst near the sutures, with diarrhoea; headache
worse from change of weather, extending from forehead to nose, or from temple to jaws, with some rheumatic feeling from clavicles to wrists.


Tearing headache above the eyes down to the nose, with nausea and gaping ; feeling of great coldness in the head and much gastric acidity ; migraine.


Sensation of constriction in the brain, especially in the cerebellum ; the pain ceases when he thinks of it ; after sunstroke throbbing, like beats of a hammer, with pulsation and sensation of constriction in the brain; spasmodically turned head (to side or back-
ward) ; worse from movement or in the cold air ; better when lying down ; staggers as if drunk.


Sensation as if the top of the head was opening and shutting, and as if the calvarium was being lifted ; violent shocks pass, through the brain ; dull, heavy, throbbing pain through the head, with a sensation like a heavy blow on the back of head and neck.


Feeling of a heavy weight on back part of head, whence the pains arise ; shooting-darting pains from back up the sides to temples and vertex ; worst in the middle of day, with the
sensation as if the top of the head were opening and shutting; flatulency; great pain in small of back, which is worse during scanty menses.


Headache from washing and bathing ; burning in the sides of the head, ascending from the neck, with soreness and giddiness ; worse morning and afternoon, when standing or sitting ; better while walking or lying down.


Headache, as if the skull would split, when moving the head or walking; semilateral stitching and aching pains, with nausea, vomiting; weak memory; throbbing headache in temples.


Headache from over-indulgence in wines and liquors ; aching on top of head, with a painful sore feeling of the scalp when touched, or when the hair is raised, or as if the scalp were drawn too tightly ; dull heavy pain, extending through the head from occiput
to supraorbital region ; sensation in head as of humming of bees ; head feels heavy as lead ; relieved by nosebleed ; congestion of head from overheated rooms.


Headache, with vertigo, and sensation as of falling to the left when looking up or backwards when stooping; nightly headache, of a tearing or grinding nature, with noises in the head ; tightness and stitches from the lower part of the forehead to vertex;
constant succession of shocks and jerks in the head during rest or motion ; sensation in the integument of the head as if it were too tight ; sensation as of an empty space between forehead and brain ; involuntary nodding of the head while writing.


Tearing and jerking in one side of the head down to the jaws; stitching, heaviness, or painful beating in the head; pressing headache, as from a stove, in the forehead ; hot head ; worse evenings in the open air; better from heat, or when walking about;
hot clammy sweat on scalp and forehead.


Sensation of coldness in the occiput, ascending from the nape of the neck ; worse when moving ; better at rest ; shooting pains in occiput, extending through ears ; shooting through temples, from side to side; aching eyeballs, which are sore to touch;
constipation ; occasional nausea ; irritable temper.


Headache from occiput, spreading over whole head, lasting from morning till afternoon ; worst when lying down, he has to stand or walk about; intense throbbing headache; carotids throb after loss of blood ; sensation as if the bead would burst, with sleeplessness ; whole head feels bruised ; cannot bear the least jar; occipital headache after sexual excesses or onanism ; headache worse from mental exertions, draught of air, in the open air, slightest touch ; better from hard pressure.


Pressure deep in the brain ; heaviness in front and back of head; headache in tiie morning on waking, as if the brain were loose and was shaken on walking ; it disappears when thinking as to its exact nature.

54. CINA

Headache before or after epileptic attacks, after intermittent fever; stupefying headache in forehead and then in occiput; pain in the chest and back, caused by fixing the eyes steadily upon some objects, as when sewing ; worse from pressure ; disposition to be easily oft’ended.


Intense headache; he cannot raise his head from the pillow ; relieved by external pressure ; sensitiveness of the head to the touch, even the hairs are sore ; dull pain in forehead, which is cold, relieved by heat; shooting pain in left side of head, with increase of saliva and great flow of urine; dizziness in the morning after rising.


Headache, with feeling of emptiness in the head, with nausea and inclination to vomit ; headache as if the eyes would be torn out : pressing headache from without inwards ; worse by riding, from eating, drinking, sleeping; better during rest, indoors.


Congestion of blood to the head, especially after a pleasant surprise ; headache as if the brain were torn or dashed to pieces ; one-sided headache, as from a nail driven into the head ; in vertex he feels a cracking: when sitting quietly.


Bilious headaches ; gouty or nervous headaches, of excruciating severity; violent tearing pain, digging through the whole brain, increased particularly when moving the upper eyelid; intermittent headaches ; severe boring-burning pain in one or both temples ;
compressive sensation in forehead ; worse when stooping or lying on back ; aggravation afternoon and evening, with great restlessness and anguish, especially w hen the sweat smells urinous ; little urine is passed, or very foul-smelling, during the interval, and copiously and clear during the pain.


Brain sensitive to noise ; sensation as if the brain were too full and would burst; pain in the occiput, with every pulse as if pierced with a knife; sensation of a large heavy lump in brain; spells of tearing headache, with nausea.


Sensation as if the brain was in motion when leaning against something; slight pressure in vertex, as if the brain was enveloped in a cloth, which would deprive him of his senses.


Fulness in the head as if all blood were collected in it ; fears apoplexy, with cold hands ; violent pain in the vertex, as if the brain were shaking, with nausea, which prevents her from keeping the head quiet. Lancinating pains, first on one side and then on the


Constant pain in forehead, pressing over eyes, as if she had to shut them.


Headache and nausea every other morning when awaking; heat on top of head; soreness and pulsation on back part of head ; better by conversation.


Sick headache ; dull, hammering, beating, stitching, or boring pain in left side of head, pressing from right to left, beginning in the morning and increasing during the afternoon and evening; worse in cold air; better while walking slowly in fresh air.


Congestion of blood to the head, with pulsation and hammering in the head ; heat and redness of the face ; enlarged veins ; sensitiveness of the head to the touch ; worse after midnight and towards morning; returning periodically; pressure on top of
head when cold air touches it ; head hot, feet cold.


Sensation as if the brain could not find room enough in the skull; visible throbbing of carotids and temporal arteries; shocks in the brain synchronous with the pulse ; sensation of soreness through the whole head, afraid to shake it, for it feels as if it might drop to pieces ; headache from below upwards -. brain as if moving in waves, as if the brain was expanding itself; the pain, heat, and fulness in the head ascend from the chest, neck, or back part of the head, from occiput toward eyes ; hemicrania, sees half light, half
dark; dull headache in the forehead, with warm sweat; worse from shaking or jarring the head, stooping, bending it backwards, after lying down, when ascending steps, in damp weather, in the sun, while working under gaslight, after overheating, cold water, reading, writing, wine ; better from uncovering, in the open air. Headache begins with the warm weather, and lasts all summer, increases and decreases every day with the sun ; great sensitiveness to the rays of the sun, and to the pressure from the covering of the head.


Headache every morning on waking, semilateral, with inclination to vomit ; fulness in, and congestion of the head, with suppressed menses or suppressed herpetic eruptions ; violent headache, with nausea during the menses.


Attacks of gout in the head; violent sharp stitches in the brain; rheumatic pains in one side of the head, extending to the face ; migraine.


Stupefying headache, with giddiness on stooping; pressing headache from outward inwardly, with stupefaction and heaviness of the head, worse from moving the head, from exertion, better in the open air, and from distraction of the mind.


Boring headache from without inwards, worse from motion or stooping ; semilateral pressure in the head, as from a plug or dull nail at night, or when waking in the morning ; painful tumors on the head.


Unconsciousness from congestion of blood to the head, with delirium, answers all questions properly ; pupils dilated, red, sparkling eyes, purplish face, worse in the evening; pressing stupefying pain in forehead ; the head is shaken or drawn to one side;
heat of the head and face, with coldness of the body ; swashing sensation in brain.


Periodical headache, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Pain as if a nail were driven out through the side of the head, better when lying on it ; pains pressing from inside outwards in the forehead and over the root of the nose ; unilateral headache, which chiefly
affects the eye, eyebrows, and side of the head ; general chilliness ;gradual increase and sudden abatement, crisis with secretion of limpid urine ; pressing frontal headache over the glabella, must bend the head forward, followed by inclination to vomit, worse after eating, in the evening when lying down, or in the morning when getting up, after coffee and liquors ; momentary disappearance of the pain by change of position ; tendency to start, fitful mood, taciturn, and sad.


Gastric headache, with nausea; headache as if bruised, all through bones of head, and down into root of tongue, with nausea and vomiting, better outdoors; vertigo when walking and when turning round.


Headache, with nausea and vomit, beginning in the morning; violent pressing pain in the temples, ceasing in the open air and reappearing when entering the room.


Blindness, followed by violent headache, must lie down ; aversion to light and noise, sight returns with the increasing headache ; in the morning when awaking, pain in forehead
and vertex, later extends to a dull heavy- throbbing above the eyes, as if the head would burst, relieved by lying, or pressing the head against anything, or in the open air, worse stooping or moving about ; periodical attacks of semilateral headaches on small spots that could be covered with the point of the finger ; nausea, eructations, vomiting.


Severe throhbing-aching pains in occipital region, extending down as far as the dorsal region ; cannot sit up or walk, or shake the head without feeling worse ; great weakness and depression of mind.


Congestion to head, with throbbing and humming; one-sided headache with nausea ; jerking in the head from behind forward, dark before the eyes, unconscious; better from a drink of cold water.


Headache, especially in occiput, coryza, pains in upper maxilla and teeth; lancinating and darting over the left eye and in the left temple.


Sun headache, severe pressing, increasing with the ascending sun, and decreasing as the sun gets down ; pulsating headache as if a pulse were beating in the forehead ; pressing pain on a small spot on the right side of the head.


Headache after a debauch ; heaviness and pressure in various parts of the head, with sensation as if the brain would force through the forehead ; tearing, drawing, and jerking pains.


Headache with coryza, preceded by stiffness of the neck; pressing out or cutting- pains over the eyes or in the temples ; frontal headache, faint on rising ; one sided headache, pain intense, extends to neck and shoulder; tearing on top of head from within outward ; dizzy, face pale, faint, numb, face sunken, or bloated, or red ; headache in the sun ; throbbing in the head from the least movement.


Headache ceases while eating, but returns and remains till food is again taken ; throbbing headache, confusion in the head.


Headache, with disposition to faint and great restlessness ; pains in the temples as if screwed together ; pressing headache on the vertex, worse from 4 to 8 p.m., and from stooping, followed by great weakness ; tearing in the forehead, extending down to the
neck, with tearing in the face, eyes, and teeth, worse on raising one’s self, better when lying down, from the open cold air, and from uncovering the head ; bilious and dyspeptic headaches.


Feeling of fulness as if the skull would split, or as if the head were tied up with a bandage ; tearing, burning, stitching, and boring pains, or semilateral tearing down to the teeth and neck, with stitches in tiie ears ; violent aggravation at night by the warmth
of the bed, also by contact, hot and cold things ; constant nightsweat, but without relief; mania with liver complaint.


Violent headache and great sensitiveness to the least contact after a slight anger; headache in the temples and sides of the head after an exertion, and from talking much, extending into the malar bones.


Pressive headache, as from a heavy weight on the head ; deep in the brain, in the occiput, and right temple, sensation as if a cord were frequently drawn and then tightened as if to cut the head in two ; pains as if a nail were pressed in the occiput, of which the point pierces the brain ; hysterical headache, with fainting spasms and sense of constriction in the chest, chilliness all over, inclination to involuntary stools, and copious flow of colorless urine ; great restlessness of lower extremities, worse in the room, better in fresh air.


Heaviness and weight in the head, especially in the occiput, the pains are worse in the morning when waking up ; constipation ; great nervous debility ; cold feet ; creeping chills all over, vomiting of sour water or bile ; pains most severe over the eyes,
which are congested and sore, can neither bear natural nor artificial light ; violent jerks and shocks in the head, or throbbing as from little hammers, worse from reading and studying in schoolgirls who over-work their mental strength, better from gentle exercise.


Irritation of brain after lesions of the head, hot feeling on top of head ; pressure in forehead, particularly- after meals; headache while reading, makes him feel hot and sweaty ; brain feels loose, and when stooping as if it fell toward left temple; jerking in
head, throwing it toward the right.


Head sensitive to rattling of wagons over paved streets, or to stepping hard ; pressing from without inward, piercing in temples, stitches in head, better on lying down or from carriage riding.


Headache after breakfast, with sleepiness ; region of temples very sensitive to pressure ; the whole brain feels loose, with wobbling on motion, as if it struck the sides of head ; pulsation of the arteries and daily headache ; throbbing-pressing pain, lined to small spots, worse in left supraorbital ridge ; head feels full and as if expanding; worse from getting wet, change of weather, riding in a carriage, after eating, or wine, from suppressed eruptions, before menses, during pregnancy.


Congestive and abdominal headaches, -with nausea and vomiting, worse by coughing and stooping; pain as from a nail driven into the brain, or stitching pains with nausea and sour vomiting ; stitches and pressure in one side of the head, worse towards morning,
driving the patient out of his senses ; excessive sensitiveness of the brain to motion and walking ; heaviness of the head, especially when moving the eyes, thinking, with sensation as if the skull would split ; whizzing in the head, with vertigo, contusive pain in the brain ; headache every morning on waking, after eating, in the open air, when stooping, or during motion, even when merely moving the eyes ; the pains come on again after drinking coffee, with aversion to coffee; pale worn-out look; constipation,
with tendency of the blood to the head ; irritable vehement disposition, or lively sanguine temper, etc.


Tendency of blood to the head, with constipation, violent tearing pains, or tensive pressure through the whole brain, with beating or great heaviness in the head ; unsteady look, thirst, dry mouth, sour eructations, desire to vomit, etc.


Violent crampy pains, especially over the root of the nose, with heat and redness of the face, restlessness, whining mood, roaring in the head as of water, with coldness in the ears, eyes, and one side of the face ; scintillations, illusions of sight, objects appearing smaller than they really are, sensation as of a plug ip the parietal bones of the head, numb feeling in the head ; headache increasing gradually and then gradually declining ; neuralgic headaches, occurring in sensitive, fidgety, and hysterical women, with difficult or profuse menstruation, cramplike pressing pain from without inwards, with heat and redness of the face, violent pressing in the forehead, roaring in the head, worse when resting, in the room, from stooping, better in the fresh air and from motion.


Chronic dull headache, with depressed spirit and constipation ; headache as if a ball were rising from the throat into the brain : heaviness of head, especially in cerebellum.


Bilious and rheumatic headaches, based on torpidity of the liver : stunning headache through temples, better from pressure ; head hot, rolling head from side to side ; headache alternating with diarrhea ; morning headache with flushed face.


Is always very hungry during headaches ; by dimness of sight, and spots before
the eyes ; congestion of blood to the head, with red, hot cheeks and nose, with great anxiety every afternoon after dinner (during pregnancy) ; fulness in vertex, as if the brain would burst out, with formication in head and flickering before eyes, afterwards very heavy sleep ; pains as if the brain had not room enough in forehead when rising in the morning, better after washing and eating.


Tearing pains, worse towards evening ; or beating stitches, early after rising and in the evening after lying down ; semi-lateral tearing pains, shocks, and stitches, with vertigo, desire to vomit; heaviness in the head; obscuration of sight; photophobia; whizzing, tearing, darting, or jerking in the ears ; pale face, whining mood, loss of appetite, no thirst, chill, anguish, paroxysms of bleeding at the nose ; palpitation of the heart ; aggravation in the evening, also during rest, and especially when sitting; relief in the open air, decrease of the headache by pressing or bandaging the head ; bland temper, or else cold and phlegmatic.


Rheumatic headaches, or from bathing; heat in the head from drinking beer; stupefying headache, with buzzing, formication, and throbbing, face glistening and red, restless, moving about ; brain feels loose, when stepping or shaking the head; headache, must
lie down, returns from the least chagrin; tearing-stitching pains, extending to the ears, root of the nose, malar bones, and jaws, with painfulness of the teeth and gums ; burning or beating pains ; aching in the occipital protuberances.


The pain comes on in terrific shocks, as though there was a powerful jerk in the head ; chronic congestive headaches, with photo phobia and impossibility to open the eyes on account of the weight of the upper lid ; gouty or nervous headaches, from abdominal
plethora or menstrual disturbances; stitching, boring, hammering headaches over the right eye or in one temple, of such severity as to make her scream, with nausea and vomiting; better from sleep and darkness; headache, with aversion to all food ; hemicrania, stinging pain from within outward, mostly on left side, with nausea, vomiting,
and contraction of the pupils, worse indoors and when walking fast, better in the open air, and when lying on the painful side ; pulsating headache in .the cerebellum, beginning in the morning, lasting till noon and sometimes till the evening, worse from the least motion, even turning the eyes, when lying on back, better when closing the
eyes, at rest, and in dark room.


Headaches from nervous exhaustion; severe pressing or shattering headache, the pain is felt in the nape of the neck, ascends to vertex, and then to supraorbital region, also from the occiput to the eyeball, especially the right one, sharp darting pains and a steady
ache, the eyeball being sore and painful when revolving, worse by noise, motion, even the jarring of the room by a footstep, and also by light, relief by heat, but not by pressure; headache involving nape of neck, occiput, vertex, and eyes, when most violent accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and passing away during sleep; obstinate
morning headaches, with chilliness and nausea; hemicrania, with loud cries, nausea to fainting, subsequent obscuration of sight; periodical headache every seventh day ; vibratory shaking sensation in head when stepping hard, with tension in forehead and eyes ; frequent sweat about the head, great sensitiveness of the scalp ; falling off of
the hair; rheumatic diathesis.


Headache commencing regularly every morning with the rising of the sun, gets at its height at noon, when it gradually decreases till the sun sets, appearing even thus in cloudy weather. headache, especially on left side, spreading to eyes, zygoma, and teeth :
great sensitiveness to wind; worse on stooping, motion, and fresh air, better by pressing the head with the hands, or from laying the head high, and while washing it, but worse after washing. Any quick movement converts the dull aching pains into acute stabbing ; pains darting from behind forward through the eyeball, causing violent pulsating pains in the left temple and over the left eye; periodical boring from within outwards, in forehead, vertex, and cerebellum ; nervous headache, worse from thinking, noise, or any jarring; pale face, anxious respiration, nausea, and vomiting.


Patient very sensitive to the least impression, sensation as of a round ball in forehead, firmly seated, even when shaking the head ; brain feels as if compressed, with paroxysmal roaring in the ears ; dull feeling in head, with inability to perform any mental labor ; brain aches, as if torn to pieces, morning on rising from lied, worse from motion, better from rest and warmth, it passes off with much yawning; feeling in occiput, or as if the
brain was not large enough for the space.


Heat on top of head, flushes in face, feet cold, vertigo when going upstairs ; headache, from abdominal plethora, from suppressed skin diseases, or chronic gouty and rheumatic headaches, increased by mental exertion, motion, coughing, sneezing; periodical
headaches, every seventh day; dull headache, commencing in the morning, increasing till noon or a little later, and then gradually decreasing ; throbbing headache at night; sick headache, very weakening, once a week or every two weeks, pains generally lacerating,
stupefying, benumbing; headache every day, as though the head would burst.


Pressing in vertex as from a nail, worse afternoon, and from o to 4 a.m., better in motion and after sweat ; worse from tea, sexual excesses, overheating.


Neuralgia in the head, with indigestion, features sunken ; paroxysms in various parts of the brain, partly as if bruised, partly pressure ; violent pains drive to despair, great prostration, fainting, with cold sweat and great thirst ; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, or constipation ; cold sensation on vertex, and cold sweat on forehead.


Chlorotic headaches, especially in patients whose blood has been saturated with iron ; pressure on top of head and forehead, gradually increasing after dinner; dizziness, nausea, with vomiting of bile ; amenorrhoea, anorexia, with constipation, or hard, small,
and dry stools ; internal headaches, mostly semilateral, or in the forehead or occiput, worse from drinking even small quantities of wine, in warm room, and after eating ; brainfag.




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