71. Aconite

In the simpler forms of eczema, and when there is much febrile disturbance. Acute cases, with stinging and pricking of the skin, in plethoric persons.

70. Alumina

Hard crusts on the scalp, face and extremities. Gnawing itching, worse in the evening, not relieved by scratching. Aggravated on alternate days and from eating new potatoes. Dryness of the skin. Constipation.

69. Ammonium carb

Eczema in the bends of the extremities. Excoriations between the legs, and about the anus and genitals. Violent itching relieved by scratching. Aggravated by either cold applications or hot poultices. In children.

68. Ammonium mur.

Eczema on the face and across the loins. Intense burning, somewhat relieved by cold applications. Constipation. In fat sluggish individuals.

67. Anacardium

Acute eczema on the face, neck and chest. Intense itching usually aggravated, but occasionally relieved by scratching. Redness of the skin with eruption of small vesicles. Sensitiveness to draught.

66. Antimonium crudum

Pustular eczema about the face and joints. Painful cracks in the corners of the mouth. Violent itching and burning, better in the open air, worse after bathing. Thick, heavy, yellow crusts upon the face. Gastric derangement with thick white coated tongue. In children who grow fat.

65. Antimonium tartaricum

Eruptions about the nose and eyes, neck and shoulders, and back of the ears. Vesicles surrounded by a red areola. Pustules, as large as peas. Itching worse in the evening, better in the open air. Eruption leaves bluish-red stains upon the face. Child wants to be carried; cries if touched. Desire for acids ; aversion to milk. Rattling cough.

64. Apis mellifica

Red and cedematous skin, with burning and stinging. Better from cold applications, worse
after warm applications. Large vesicles. Urine scanty and high colored.

63. Argentum nitricum

Eczema on the genitals. Urging to urinate. In children who eat too much sweets.

62. Arsenicum album

Eczema on the face, legs and genitals. Intense burning of the surface. Itching worse
during the first hours of sleep. Better from external heat ; worse from cold or from scratching. Dry scaly eruption with parchment-like skin. Falling out of hair in patches. Useful in chronic cases.

61. Arundo

Eruption on the chest, upper extremities and behind the ears. Intolerable itching,
crawling sensation, especially over the loins and shoulders. In young children.

60. Astacus fluviatilis

Thick crusts on the scalp. Enlargement of the lymphatic glands. Clay colored stools.

59. Aurum muriaticum

Smarting, itching papular eruption on the lips or above the pubis. Constant desire to be
out in the open air. In corpulent old people. After abuse of mercury.

58. Baryta carbonica

Moist crusts on the scalp. Itching,burning and pricking- sensations, aggravated after
washing. Falling off of the hair. Swelling and induration of the cervical glands and tonsils. Extreme sensitiveness of the scalp. In fat timid children that take cold easily.

57. Belladonna

Eczema on the face with scarlet redness. Burning, itching eruption, sensitive to the
touch. In teething children, with tendency to convulsions.

56. Borax

Eczema on the face and scalp. Red, papulous eruption around the cheeks and chin. Excori-
ating secretions. Aphthous difficulties. Slight injuries suppurate. Dread of slight downward motion

55. Bovista

Grocer’s itch. Moist vesicular eruption with formation of thick crusts. Eruption about the
mouth and nostrils; on the thighs and bends of the knees; on the back of the hand; swelling of the upper lip: burning, itching; no relief from scratching. Symptoms worse during hot weather. General lassitude, especially about the joints. The skin of the
fingers becomes dented by the use of the scissors or other instruments.

54. Bromium

Eczema covering the head as with a cap, with profuse oozing of dirty, foul smelling discharge. Crawling sensation beneath the scalp, with sensitiveness to the touch. Glands of the neck hard and swollen.

53. Bryonia alba

Eczema all over the body, especially on the back. Eruption slow in making its appearance.
Scalp very sensitive to the touch. Aches and pains aggravated by motion. Symptoms worse from exposure to the heat of the fire.

52. Caladium

Eczema on the genitals, forearm and chest. Vesicular eruption with itching and burning,
worse at night. Itching and sudden violent corrosive burning, often on small spots. Attacks alternating  with asthma.

51. Calcarea carbonica

Thick crusts with yellow pus beneath, on the face, legs and flexures of the extremities. Burning itching, better in a warm room, aggravated by washing. Cracked skin with deep fissures. Falling off of the hair. Moist eruption behind the right ear. Hard swelling of the cervical glands. Chronic eruption, with cold feet as if damp stockings, were on them. Symptoms aggravated by drinking milk.

50. Calcarea sulphurica

Eczema spreading by new pimples beyond the main excoriation. Eruption worse on the scalp and behind the ears. Burning and itching of the skin after scratching. Soreness and moisture in the folds between the scrotum and thighs. Unhealthy skin, even slight injuries suppurate. Itch worse at night and on rising in the morning. Eruption very sensitive and sore to the touch.

49. Cantharis.

The inflammatory stage. Eruption mostly on the right side, with burning and itching.
When complicated with urinary troubles.

48. Carbo vegetalis

Eczema on the legs, face and chin. Vesicles on the knees. Fine, moist eruption aggravated by warmth and moisture. In cachectic individuals, accompanying dyspepsia.

47. Carbolicum acidum

Moist vesicular eruption on the hands and all over the body. Itching better from rubbing, but leaving a burning pain.

46. Causticum

Moist eruption on the nape of the neck and around the nipple. Thick crusts on the nostrils.
Symptoms worse in the evening and in the open air. Better from warmth. In rheumatic and gouty subjects.

45. Chamomilla

Excoriations between the thighs in children and infants. Unhealthy skin, every injury
suppurates. Severe itching of sweating parts. Child fretful, must be carried about.

44. Chelidonium

Eczema of the scrotum and lower extremities. Heat, swelling and redness of the parts
(E.rubrum). Bitter taste in the mouth when not eating or drinking. Pain in the hepatic region. Chronic affections of the abdominal organs.

43. Cicuta virosa

Eczema on the face with yellow scurf on the skin like dried honey. Thick, whitish scurf on
the chin and upper lip with oozing. Burning itchhig in the parts, especially when touched.

42. Clematis

Moist eczema on the neck and occiput with terrible itching. Aggravated by washing in
told water, and by wet poultices. Itching temporarily relieved by scratching. Painful swelling and induration of the glands. Eruption moist during moon rising, and dry during decreasing moon.

41. Conium

Eczema on the face, pubes and extremities. Moist vesicles with sero-purulent discharge..
Burning and itching aggravated by scratching. Glan-
dular enlargement and induration. In aged people,
and in children who are prematurely old.

40. Crotalus

Vesicular eruption on the septum narium. Sour, acrid eructations. Painful retention of

39. Croton tiglium

Eczema on the face, genitals and scrotum. Swelling and redness of the face and eyelids
which are covered with small vesicles. Excessive itching, better from slight scratching. Two-story pustules. Painful swelling of the glands. Painless, watery diarrhoea, gushing out forcibly. A perfect picture of all the stages of eczema in regular course.

38. Dulcamara

Thick brown or yellow crusts on the temples, forehead and chin. Itching eruption aggravated by cold weather, better in warm air. Glandular swellings in the neighborhood of the eruption. Face-ache and asthma follow the disappearance of the eruption. Eruption precedes the menses.

37. Flouricum acidum

Eczema on the face, scalp, neck and chest. Dry eruption with itching and burning.
Painful rhagades after washing. Brittle nails.

36. Graphites

Thick crusts and a raw surface with deep rhagades. Moist eruption worse on the chin,
behind the ears, on the palms of the hands and on the left side. Humid eruption with secretion of corrosive serum smelling like herring brine. Itching worse in the evening and at night. Increased sticky discharge after scratching. Skin dry, never perspires, and is inclined to crack. In blondes inclined to obesity, especially females with disposition to delayed menstruation.

35. Helleborus

Small vesicles on the fingers of the right hand, humid for a long time and then covered
with scurf. Sudden dropsical swelling. In Weakly scrofulous children during dentition.

34. Hydrastis

Eczema along the border of the hair in front. Aggravated on coming from the cold into a
warm room. Oozing after washing. Constipation with hemorrhoids.

33. Hypericum

Eczema on the face and hands. Yellowish-green crusts with violent itching. Excessive
itching, especially in the sacral region when undressing. The eruption is sometimes dry, aud at times fiery red. Roughness of the skin.

32. Iris versicolor

Eczema on the face. Pustular eruption around the nose and lips, and on the cheeks. Worse
in the evening and at night. Gastric and bilious derangement.

31. Juglans cineria

Vesicular eruption on the upper and front part of the chest with burning and itching-
Violent itching over the whole body, in spots, worse when being heated from over-exertion. Stitch-like pain under the right scapula.

30. Kalium carbonicum

Eczema all over the body, especially on the abdomen and around the nipples. Dry scaly spots with violent itching. Eruption dry at first but after scratching exudes a moisture. Appears in warm weather. In persons with dry skin, or who are inclined to pulmonary troubles.

29. Ledum palustre

Eczema only on covered parts. Gnawing Itching of the skin, with unnatural dryness of the surface. Enlargement of the cervical glands. Adapted to rheumatic individuals and drunkards.

28. Lappa major

Eczema of the scalp extending to the face. Moist, had smelling eruption on the heads of
children. Large grayish-white crusts on the scalp with loss of hair. Swelling and  suppuration of the axillary glands. Disposition to boils.

27. Lachesis

Eczema on the legs. Ulcers on the lower extremities. Pricking, pulsating tearing
pains. Variable appetite. Burning in the palms and soles. Often useful in women during the climacteric period.

26. Lycopodium

Eczema beginning on the back of the head and extending to the face. Moist eruption with
abundant foul smelling secretion. Humid eruption with fissures followed by thick crusts. Biting and itching when becoming warm and from poultices. The surface bleeds easily, after scratching. Inclined to constipation.

25. Mercurius solubilis

Eczema all over the body, especially on the scalp, chin and extremities. Yellow crusts
with inflamed areolae. Intolerable itching, particularly at night or when getting warm while at work or in bed. Bleeding and smarting of the surface after, scratching. Tendency to inflammation of the lymphatic glands. Patients perspire easily.

24. Mercurius iodatus

When other remedies fail and there sis a decided syphilitic taint. Swelling and induration of the glands. Troublesome itching over the whole body. All symptoms are worse at night.

23. Mercurius precipatus ruber

Eczema of the hairy parts, and of the anus with fissures. Eczema of the umbilicus. Pustular eruption with slight itching. Oozing of pus from beneath the crusts. Glandular swellings.

22. Mezereum

Honey-like scabs around the mouth. Discharges profuse, excoriate the surrounding parts.
Unbearable itching increased by scratching or when undressing. Head covered with a thick, leathery crust, under which pus collects and mats the hair. Constant chilliness over the whole body.

21. Natrum muriaticum

Eczema raw and inflamed, discharging a corrosive gluey fluid. Worse along the posterior
border of the hair, in the flexures of the extremities, and on the genitals. Humid eruption matting the hair. Redness and inflammation of the margins and corners of the eyelids. Great rawness and soreness of the skin, with itching and pricking.

20. Nitricum acidum

Vesicles on the inner side of the left hand. Soreness of the feet from profuse, offensive
perspiration. Dry, scaly skin. Moisture and itching in the anus. Syphilitic ulcers, after abuse of mercury. In dark complexioned old people.

19. Nux juglans

Burning itching vesicles upon a cracked surface, with a greenish discharge which stif-
fens linen. Large blood boils on the shoulders and in hepatic region. Itching worse in the evening and at night.

18. Oleander

Oozing behind the ears, and on the back of the head. Smooth shining surface covered with drops of serum Gnawing itching while undressing. Extreme sensitiveness of the skin, even the friction of the clothing causes soreness and rawness.

17. Petroleum

Moist eczema on the genitals, and inside of the thighs with rawness and great itching.
Profuse oozing after scratching. Excoriated running spots on the skin. The parts burn like fire. Skin of the hands cracked and rough. Eruption between the toes. Small wounds spread and ulcerate.

16. Piper methysticum

Skin dry, scaly, cracked and ulcerated, especially where it is thick, as on the hands
and feet.

15. Piper nigrum

Eczema on the lips.

14. Psorinum

Eczema disappearing in summer, but reappearing in winter. Dry and scaly eruptions with
small pointed vesicles around the reddened edges. Violent itching aggravated by warmth. Dirty, greasy-looking, foul-smelling skin.

13. Rhus toxicodendron

In acute eczema. Eruption on the face and hairy parts. Small yellow vesicles with red
areola?. Humid eruption forming thick crusts with offensive smell. Hardness and thickening of the scrotum. Nightly itching and burning. Aggravated by changes in the weather, and by wet or cold weather.

12. Rhus venenata

Fine vesicular eruption on the upper extremities. Groups of watery vesicles on the
fingers. Fissures on the ends of the fingers. Upper lip swollen and covered with vesicle.

11. Sarsaparilla

Eczema on the nose and face. Thic k scabs on the face. Scabby eruption on the nose and face, like milk crust. Child cries a great deal and is extremely restless.

10. Sepia

Humid eruption in the flexures of the joints and behind the cars. Dry, offensive eruptions
on the vertex and back of the head. Itching of the skin changing to burning when scratched. Eruption in rings during pregnancy and nursing. In dark complexioned people.

9. Silicea

Eczema on the arms and scalp. Humid eruption with greenish putrid discharge. Dry, scaly
crusts. Scabs behind the ears. Itching during the day and evening, never at night. Cervical glands swollen. Offensive perspiration on the feet and genitals.

8. Stannum metallicum

Eczema on the extremities. Left side specially affected. Painful hang-nails. Neu-
ralgic pains. Disordered digestion. Helminthiasis. Patient lachrymose, low-spirited and irritable. Eczema, upon the nails. Phthisical subjects.

7. Staphysagria

Eczema on the head and behind the ears. Eczema of the feet. Yellow, acrid, offensive
moisture oozes from under the crusts. Burning and itching ; scratching sometimes changes the locality of the itching. Oozing after scratching. Scalp painfully sensitive. Itching of the margins of the lids. Painful swelling of the glands. Cross words injure

6. Sulphur

Eczema around the margin of the hairy scalp from ear to ear posteriorly. Crusts and Dimples and easily bleeding burning and painful surface. Voluptuous itching with soreness after scratching. Genitals, legs and bends of the extremities specially affected. Patient takes cold easily,

5. Antimonium tartaricum

Vesicular eruption about the nose, eyes, neck and shoulders. Early pustulation. Pustules
eruption leaves bluish-red marks on the face. Child wants to be carried; cries if touched. Desire for acids; aversion to milk.

4. Thuja

Dry scaly eruption on the head extending from the temples, eyebrows, ears and neck, with itching tingling and biting. Itching vesicles with shooting pains. Skin extremely sensitive to the touch, burning violently after scratching. Dryness of covered parts; perspiration on uncovered parts smelling like honey. In dark complexioned individuals.

3. Viola tricolor

Eczema on the face. Humid eruption with intolerable nightly itching. Discharge of
yellow water or pus. Swelling of the cervical glands. Verminous crusts. Urine smells like cat’s urine.

2. Zincum phosphoricum

Itching especially in the flexures of the joints. Formication under the skin. Fidgety,
restless, changeable humor. Exhaustion of nerve centers. Profuse sweating of the feet. Constipation. Varicose veins. Worse during afternoon and evening. Aggravated by wine.





  1. Eczema symptoms include itchy, red, and dry skin caused by inflammation. It’s most commonly found in children, although adults can get it. It is also called atopic  there are way to help ecaema.


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