The characteristic peculiarities of PULSATILLA

  • The pains are aggravated or excited when sitting, after long exercise ; *on rising, after having been seated for a long time; during rest, particularly when lying on one side, -or on the back ;
  • The pains which come on when lying on the back, sometimes are relieved by turning to the one or the other side, or by lying on the affected side; the pains which are excited or aggravated by lying on the side, are relieved by lying on the back;
  • A number of pains are relieved by motion, walking, pressure, external warmth, and open air, whereas other pains are aggravated under those circumstances ;
    the pains are generally worst in the evening, at night, or before midnight ;
  • some of the pains are aggravated or come on early in the morning, or after dinner. *The symptoms appear with particular violence every other evening




  1. My husband is suffering from avn. He is 53. He is suffering frm hip joint pain which is severe. His work became slow. He limps due to pain. Plz suggest any medicines which can lessen his pain nd he can do his normal work with ease.

  2. Been laying in bed with sinus pain from hell most of the day. Decided to drag myself to my homeopathy box and popped a pulsatilla. Instant, totally instant relief. Should have done it hours ago

  3. aczima , better in summer, worse in winter, soft skin , male 28 age, any medicine plz reply?

  4. A fantastic remedy for those blonde haired blue eyed young ladies with over emotional tendencies that cry at the drop of a hat with irregular messes,hormonal inconsistencies and much more

  5. Homeopathy medicines are wonderful.I’m a regular user.one should certainly try.

  6. Homeopathy medicines are wonderful.I’m a regular user.one should certainly try.


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