The scales of psoriasis are peculiar and characteristic. They are of a silvery white color, and situated on a red and inflamed base. The presence
of air in the scales is the supposed cause of their white appearance. Psoriasis is mainly at the tips of the elbows, the fronts of the knees and the
head. It may, however, appear on any part of the cutaneous surface, and is apt to be symmetrical.

The diagnosis of psoriasis is generally easy. They are the silvery white heaped-up scales, seated on an inflamed cutis which inclines to bleed in pin-point drops on their removal, and the selection of the elbows, knees and head.

Psoriasis is a constitutional remedy and can only be cured by meeting your homeopath. He will prescribe based on the similimum.

It is best to commence the internal treatment with Sulphur. We discuss some of the remedy resonance that may be considered for Psoriasis
may be given :

20. Ammonium carb

White pea-sized spots upon the cheek, which continually exfoliate. Skin very sensitive to cold. Aversion to being washed. Nosebleed
when, washing the face in the morning. In weak nervous individuals.

19. Arsenicum album

Skin dry and scaly. Great restlessness with weakness and prostration. Burning itching. Oppression of breathing. Aggravated by
eating fruit, ice cream, etc.

18. Arsenicum iodatum

Dry scaly burning itching eruption on various parts. Persistent itching on the back. In obstinate cases.

17. Calcarea carbonica

Scurfy spots on the leg. Burning and itching. Skin cracks. Profuse sweat from the slightest exertion. Large abdomen. Blue eyes,
blonde hair, fair skin.

16. Fluoricum acidum

Roughness on the forehead like a rough line with its convexity upwards. Reddish spots above the eyebrows. Desquamation on the eyebrows. Nails brittle, edges bent in.

15. Hydrocotyle

Circular spots with slightly raised scaly edges.

14. Iris versicolor

Irregular psoriatic patches on the knees and elbows, covered with shining scales. Skin fissured and irritable. Gastric and bilious derangements.

13. Manganum

In inveterate cases.

12. Mercurius

Psoriasis of the hands. Psoriasis in spots all over the body. Scaling off and exfoliation of the finger nails. The scalp is painful to the touch. Easy perspiration without relief. In recent cases.

11. Mezereum

Scurf-like scales on the back, chest, scalp and thighs. Roughness and scaling here and there. Pruritus increased by scratching or when

10. Muriatic acid

Psoriasis of the hands. Great sensitiveness to damp weather.

9. Natrum arsenicosum

Thin whitish scales, which when removed leave the skin slightly reddened.

8. Petroleum

Skin of the hands cracked and rough. Unhealthy skin. Aversion to the open air. Extreme sensitiveness to slight touch. Falling off of the hair.

7. Phosphorus

Psoriasis of the arms and hands, and on the knees and elbows. Arms and hands become numb. Coldness of the knees at night in bed. Falling out of the hair in large bunches. Dry cough with soreness in the chest.

6. Phytolacca

Surface of the skin shrunken and of a leaden color. Squamous eruption. Rheumatic pains in the extremities.

5. Selenium

Dry scaly eruption on the palms of the hands, with slight itching.

4. Sepia

Psoriasis on the face. Red roughness of the skin. Falling off of the hair. During pregnancy and nursing. Dark complexioned individuals.

3. Silicea

Elevated scurfy spots near the coccyx. Small white scales on the face and neck. White spots on the cheeks. Sensation of numbness in the extremities. Brittleness of the nails. In scrofulous, large bellied children. Imperfect assimilation.

2. Teucrium

Psoriasis on the index finger of the right hand.




  1. I am suffering from pcos acne and face allergy..plz suggest me face homeopathy cream..their is lot of itching and redness on face in humid weather

  2. Which medicine is use full for intermittent chronic dry cough.during walking laughing..riding cycle..using allergic asthma…..plz share to me….B.P. 90/70MM/Hg…Patient is so slim..with constipation..with low BP and back pain Family background….belladona 200,spongia tosta 200,arsenic 2oo, aconitum 200,Lycopodium 2oo applied but no got any solution….plz share me

  3. Sulph is is king of homeopathic remedy for skin problem, psorinum could be, but individual, and whole body symptoms.

  4. If you have problems with Psoriasis, you must go to test your vitamin D levels. There is one study from which was revealed that vitamin D may have positive influence and significant immunomodulatory effects against Psoriasis.
    You should try and maintain the levels in range of 50- 70 ng/ml throught the year.
    It can prevent the autoimmune diseases because it is powerful immune modulator.
    There are of course medications against this disease but we all know that they have quite hamrful side effects.
    So, in the end we came to conlusion that the best cure for psoriasis is the sunlight. Expose yourself more to sun and optimize your vitamin D levels…
    BTW https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=tOFqOOd6Fcs via @YouTube

  5. Help me me to get Bhms seat for my dahter. Any voluntary organaistions or trust. 172.25 cutt off in Tamil nadu.Pls help me.

  6. Help me me to get Bhms seat for my dahter. Any voluntary organaistions or trust. 172.25 cutt off in Tamil nadu.Pls help me.

  7. Ive been using ars alb and hepar s since October/November 2015 and its working. Slow results but its working. I used to have a big map of lesions at my back, now i only have 20% lesions left.

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  9. My son has lost his hair frm back side nd its look like a circle.plz give some help to cure it

  10. Kali Sulphuricum and Calcarea Flouricum are also effective in psoriasis when their characteristics are present in the patient.

  11. Basically I am from pharma marketing and indulged in ethical selling of Allopathic medicines, however I love homeopathy, because I have seen its miracles in treating renal calculi, pains of sciatica and in psycho-somatic disorders, where allopathy has limited scope with sever several side effects! Thanks homeopathy!

  12. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case analysis,which includes the medical history of the patient,physical and mental constitution etc.

  13. Arsenicum iodatum and Kali Arsenicum worked well for scaly dry psoriasis. My practical experience. I tried both alternately in 200c. to 1M. Both potencies gave very good results

  14. Radium brom is a good medicine for psoriasis when well indicated medicines fail to relieve or cure the mixed miasmatic conditions even after failure of nosodes like psorinum , bacillinum etc it should be thought of

  15. Plz friends help me to select lathyrus potency and dose for my nice 21.month old boy suppose spastic diaplegia.

  16. Only when prescribed by a classical homeopath. One remedy at a time with a dose taken maybe once a month or every few months.
    A well experienced homeopathy can save you years of agony & misery in a few visits. Can turn your life from a living hell into ecstasy without using harmful prescription drugs.

  17. All the remedy are to be taken simultaneously or to select one of them or few of them?


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