A proving of Parthenium Hysterophorus


A proving of Partheniiun Hysterophorus by Dr. B. H. B. Sleight, of Newark, N. J., was published in the May number of The Recorder of the year 1886.
It excited but little attention at the time, and to-day, probably, nine out of ten physicians know nothing of the remedy, for it is not mentioned in any of the text-books.

It has one very marked symptom that should commend it to every practitioner and rescue it from oblivion, for the simple reason that no other remedy has the same symptoms so prominent, if at all.

The marked symptom is ” teeth on edge.” We cannot reprint the entire proving, but the following is a sketch of it: Five drops of the tincture produced at once a full feeling in the head, pressing from within. Ringing in the ears followed; then, ” upper teeth feel ‘ on edge.’ ” ” Upper in- cisors tender at socket when biting. ” ‘ ‘ Sudden pain in upper teeth.” ” Pain in frontal eminence has returned and continued. Teeth ‘on edge’ and tenderness in sockets. Upper incisors ache as after filling. Teeth feel too long. ‘ ‘ On the following day ; ” Same tenderness at sockets of upper incisors when biting.” ” Upper teeth all ache and feel too long.” “Aching in lower left molars.” ” Teeth ‘ on edge.’ ‘ Again, after three days, on taking two and half drachms: “Upper incisors commence to ache. Aching and bursting pain in nose remains; nose feels swollen.” “Teeth ‘ on edge.’ ‘ There were, of course, other symptoms, but the one noted stands out with peculiar prominence.

Parthenium Hysterophorus is a Cuban plant.




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