In a letter dated October 10, 1829, addressed to his favorite nephew, Trinius, Hahnemann says : (Brit. Jour. of Hom., Vol. XXX., p. 297 )
“It is wonderful, but not the less true, that the higher a medicine is refined and potentized the more permanent its efficacy.
If the highly potentized medicine would not evaporate, it would be found as powerful as ever after the lapse of a generation.
“The powders you got from Neudietendorf, if kept in well corked vials, will, so far as I know, retain their power unaltered forever ; and if we moisten a globule the size of a hemp seed with the last dilution (x), for the purpose of allowing delicate patients to smell at it, in place of taking it (as is often necessary), such globules retain their medicinal power for many years, as I can testify, although the bottles in which they are contained may be often opened for olfaction.
” Such being the case, the Homoeopathic practitioner prepares his medicines to last him all his life, by dropping six or eight drops of the last dilution (X) of each fluid medicine into a small, narrow, rather high vessel ; as, for instance, a clean thimble, containing a number of finest sugar globules (three hundred of which weigh grain), from four to five thousand.
By this they will be more than saturated and impregnated with the medicine. The whole thimbleful of moistened globules is to be emptied oil to a piece of paper and spread out by means of a thin bit of wood. In about a quarter of an hour they are dry, and must be kept in a wide-mouthed, well-corked bottle, and duly labelled.
Of course the piece of paper and bit of wood must be always thrown away, and fresh ones used for each medicine. The thimble, too, must every time be washed and dried in the most careful manner, before using it for another medicine.
“In this way we obtain a supply of all Homoeopathic and antipsoric medicines, which will retain their powers undiminished for an incalculable number of years. They are always ready for use, are sufficient for a lifelong practice, or even for stocking a hospital for life. I beg you will communicate what stands in this page of the other Homoeopathists, especially to the docile Dr. Hermann, and believe me to remain,




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