Natrum muriaticum

The Natrum muriaticum infant has a sad, muddy look, and may sometimes be observed to limp alternatively first in one leg, then in the other.

If he sweats at all, it is more like to be upon the nose about the edge of the hair. His diarrhoea is just as characteristically worse at 11 P.M. as his chill is apt to come about 11A.M. We don’t like to leave him without pointing out his lean and poorly nourished appearance, with spells of craving for water or salt, and the occasional appearance of the classic cold sores about the lips.

Only potentized table salt can cure him; one dose every few weeks, if given moderately high. Sometimes one dose nightly, if a potency as low as the sixtieth be imperative.




  1. Remembering they let things in but not out and build a wall around them due to previous hurts. They dwell on old disagreeable occurrences and are very sensitive to disharmony in the home

  2. Natmur is best remedy for constipation/sneezing it is also good for chronic headache of school girls

  3. Natrum Muriaticum helps improve debility and neurasthenia. It also helps in constipation when standard remedies fail. It is also good for people who live by the sea side areas. However Aqua Marina is best for sea side population.

  4. I would like more information. Its hard to determind the remedy at infants.


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