While in my 40’s I witnessed the profound turnaround of my mother’s health with homeopathy. It was this that event that lead me to make homeopathy a career and a lifestyle.

After my father passed away, I took over the care for my mother. She was at an assisted living facility, on a number of medications, and had contracted cirrhosis of the liver and developed a tremor that started when I was 9 and eventually forced her to leave her work in art. The doctors told me that both these ailments were iatrogenic illnesses,result of prescription medications. By then I had received a masters degree in environmental studies and was working in the field of waste reduction and recycling. I relied on homeopathy as my health care of choice. It seemed logical to take my mother to my homeopath. But I had no idea that the results would be so dramatic. Within 6 months she was off her medications and able to move to independent living. Twelve months later a blood test showed that the cirrhosis had resolved.

I grew up only knowing traditional western medicine. I believed in it because my parent’s did. They were abstract artists, lived outside of the conventional life style. They taught me to think for myself, except when it came to medicine. I was always interested in natural science. I won a scholarship because I excelled in the subject. As I got older I felt a discord between what I knew and what doctors told me. I was not certain how to reconcile it. Our doctor was a personal friend of the family. My father had severe asthma and allergies. My mother suffered from anxiety and depression. It seemed that their illnesses never really got better, but their prescription medicines and diagnoses grew in number.

My own health was going the same direction. I grew up with chronic sinus issues and allergies. At 17 I arrived at college with 3 prescriptions and dietary restrictions. I could only spend minimal time outside without suffering from allergies. Determined to find a solution, took a summer course in alternative medicine and discovered a multitude of disciplines that might help me. I tried several, but it was homeopathy that took away the allergies and sinus troubles. I was able to achieve my goal of working outdoors as a field archaeologist, a career that I enjoyed for 15 years.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Hahnemann Medical Clinic in Berkeley, CA when it was an all in one clinic with well-known homeopaths such as Nancy Herrick, Roger Morrison, Christine Ciaverella, and Peggy Chipkin. At that time Hahnemann Labs was part of the clinic lead by the founder, Michael Quinn. Nancy guided me to several schools and I choose Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco, which at that time was directed by Richard Pitt. Teachers who have helped shape my approach as a practitioner include Karen Allen, Melissa Assilem and Barbara Lewis.

I would like to see homeopathy move to the main stream for health care in the US. I am uncertain about the move to create a governmental regulatory structure for homeopathic services in the USA. I would like to see health freedom established across the country allowing people to be in control of their health care.

I am a board member of the North American Society of Homeopaths, the oldest and largest associate in USA and Canada. I am the benefits coordinator. I helped establish professional liability insurance for professional homeopaths. I also volunteer to review case submissions from applicants for the Homeopathic Council for Homeopathic Certification. I have a practice in Walnut Creek and Winters, CA. I enjoy helping people who are serious about achieving their optimal health.




  1. Great testimonial. I’m a 1995 PAHM grad and I appreciate your glowing description of your experience with the Hahnemann Clinic and with my alma mater. It really upsets and depresses me that most insurance doesn’t cover homeopathic treatment and that people continue to denigrate it and us as quacks and quackery. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. please suggest some medicine
    for MI
    help me
    patient is my father


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