Homeopathy for Muscular Weakness

Muriatic acid - Homeopathic remedy

MURIATIC ACID cures the muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco.
Dr. H. C. Allen




  1. muriatic acid is simply a dirty, non-pharmaceutical grade, industrial grade hydrochloric acid… it contains all kinds of heavy metals and other byproducts of manufacture… how can that possibly be good for you when compared to pure, pharma grade HCl?
    gastric acid contains 5-10 per mil HCl… how would adding an almost infinite dilution of dirty HCl alleviate muscular weakness? can you point to any statistically valid trials to back up your contention?
    why would you use opium and tobacco in the first place?

  2. And also Picric Acid. which I used for prostration in exam finals with sx for several years after university studies.

  3. Acid Mur. 30 q.i.d is one of the best choices for Excessive prostration. It is more effective when alternated with Acid Phos.30 q.i.d.


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