Petroz first proved the Purple-fish, Murex, which, like the Ink-fish, Sepia, produces the chief intensity of its action in the female generative sphere. They are chiefly distinguished in that Murex produces frantic sexual desire, and tends to have excessive hæmorrhage with large clots, Sepia having, in general, scanty flow.

Another leading feature of Murex is: Consciousness of the womb; sore pain in uterus. In addition there are cutting pains confined to the cervix and os. The sinking, all-gone sensation is very well marked in both remedies, and also the feeling of bearing down and prolapse. Murex has a sensation of dryness and constriction in the womb. The pains are frequently diagonal and shoot from ovary to opposite breast. Another peculiar symptom of Murex is: A feeling as if something were pressing on a sore spot in the pelvis.

This is analogous to a general sensitiveness to touch. The least contact with the parts causes violent sexual excitement. The cervix is sensitive to the examining finger. The slightest touch causes bleeding of excoriation on cervix. There is excessive secretion of urine, and frequent necessity to rise at night to urinate. This nightly polyuria, with the hungry craving of Murex and other symptoms, has led to its successful use in diabetes.

Murex is suited to: the melancholic, or sanguine, lymphatic temperament; to climacteric sufferings. There is very great depression of spirits, a sort of deep hypochondriacal state. If there is leucorrhœa, the spirits are > when leucorrhœa is <, and vice versâ. Walking is difficult, all joints are weak, during pregnancy. > Putting head back. < By exertion. > Pressure and support. < Night. < After sleep. Must lie down from weakness, but lying down < all symptoms. Ref: A dictionary of Materia Medica by J. H. Clarke




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