Homeopathy for Menopause

Climacteric is the period in a woman’s life which corresponds to Menopause.

Symptoms include Hot flashes, Vaginal dryness, Insomnia, Urinary tract infections, Depression and Mood swings.

Homeopathic remedies can help combat the various symptoms without causing any undue side effects that are present in allopathic medication. A complete case taking will be necessary by your Homeopath.

We discuss some of the remedies that your Homeopath may consider.

Lachesis suits especially women who never get well from the change of life ; ” have never felt well since that time.” It corresponds to many climacteric troubles, such as hemorrhoids, hemorrhages, vertigo. It is the remedy for women worn out by frequent pregnancies, with sudden cessation of the menses, trembling pulse, headache, flushings of heat and rush of blood to the head, cold feet and constriction about the heart.

Amyl nitritrosum. Flushes of heat at change of life. The 3Dth potency acts well here.

Strontium carbonica. Flushes of heat. with head symptoms relieved by wrapping head up warmly.

Caladium. Pruritis at menopause.

Veratrum viride. Perhaps no remedy controls the flushes of heat, so annoying to women at the change of life, as Veratrum viride.

Cimicifuga is very often the remedy for the sufferings incident to the change of life. There is sinking at the stomach, pain at the vertex and irritability of disposition.

Sepia. Congestions at the climacteric, in characteristic Sepia constitutions, are quickly benefited by the remedy.

Bellis perennis. This remedy quite extensively used in what is termed a “fagged womb.” The patients are very tired, want to lie down, have a backache. There is no real disease, but a marked tiredness all the time.

Carduus is of supreme importance for liver troubles at the climaxis.

Ustilago. Often rivals Lachesis in controlling the flooding during the climacteric. Vertigo is characteristic.




  1. Very good listings given above by author.
    We may add Sulfur as it controls hot flushes and continuing burning sensations in many part of body.
    We may add Platina for Platina constitutional patients.
    We may add Arsenic for typical arsenic patients who get burning sensations mor and more aggravated after menopause.

  2. Allopathy only has “Aspirine” for everything, homepathy has tailormade remedies


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