The Study of the Materia Medica

Kent Homeopathy

Materia Medica never inspires perception. The physician must have the love of its use, and he becomes wise in proportion as he loves his use, and in proportion as he lives uprightly with his patients, that is, desires to heal them, beautify their souls. Can the physician who does not love his neighbour as himself get into this position?

If you do not use your Homeopathy you will lose it. This is a responsibility so great. Leave name of diseases out when prescribing. They are only for the foolish and for the boards of health. The disease is not to be named, but to be perceived; not to be classified, but to be viewed, that the very nature of it may be discovered. Homeopathy is an applied science, not a theory. Throw aside all theories, and matters of belief and opinion, and dwell in simple fact!

A valuable lesson from Dr. J. T. Kent




  1. plese give ur photo and tell what kind of tumoer it is hard or soft.state or springly and have any cuse of it like hit sock etc.give normal pic

  2. i just big fan of DR KENT.if i dont read his book i will never take this profession. i think if Allah isnt give him up in this world homeopathy was die 100 years ago

  3. He is our Master. Without naming him we cannot follow this science. Whenever I go through the pages of his lecture, I feel a teacher is talking to me directly.


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