Selecting the Right Homeopathic remedy

The following quotation from “The Hand-Book of Materia Medica” by Timothy F. Allen, M. D., LL. D., a most eminent authority, expresses more concisely the same or a very similar method of procedure for the selection of the remedy, and as he states “it can be followed by the trained or untrained prescriber.

The first duty of the prescriber is to note carefully and completely the various complaints of his patient and add thereto his own observations concerning his condition, that is to say the prescriber must get all of his symptoms, subjective and objective. This duty is frequently quite apart from that performed in making a diagnosis of the disease and often requires a different line of investigation. This duty may indeed be performed without making a diagnosis, though it is not wise to attempt it.”

Summarizing his plan follows. “After carefully observing the history of the case, the character of the pains or sensations and location of the same together with the conditions of aggravation and amelioration, a group of remedies will usually be suggested from which, by the aid of the Materia Medica, one may be selected which best covers the case. Again, if the diagnosis of the disease has been made as it should be and is reasonably certain, then the first step would be to consider carefully the indications for remedies partially described under said disease, for thus, as is often the case, the right remedy may be selected without referring to the Materia Medica. However, in all cases of doubt the latter should be consulted, for thus only can

However, in all cases of doubt the latter should be consulted, for thus only can Homeopathy be successfully practiced.”




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