Making Positive Choices Every day in Recovery


Making choices is part of our everyday life. Each day we wake up to make a decision that could lead to a positive or negative impact on our lives. It is the same way for people after their addiction treatment.

Throughout each day, they choose to either continue with their sobriety or relapse. Recovering individuals are constantly having to make decisions on whether to fight the triggers or give into the temptation of addiction, and sometimes these decisions are made off of emotion. Stressful situations, such as heartbreak, financial stress, or mental health problems can cloud judgement and lead to substance abuse once again.

Avoid External Trigger-Inducing Situations

When you are living a life in recovery, you need to actively choose to avoid situations that will most likely cause you to relapse. Although you can’t avoid all triggers, some things you should try to avoid may include:

  • Environments where you used drugs previously
  • Friends or acquaintances who are still actively using drugs
  • Parties or situations involving heavy drinking or drug use

Deal with Internal Trigger-Inducing Feelings

Many people who suffer with addiction also have untreated mental health issues. These co-occurring disorders can be the cause of relapse when they are not properly addressed. Imagine getting into substance use to feel “happy” and finally being sober, expecting happiness, only to be met head on by your underlying depression.

Make the positive choice to be proactive after your addiction treatment. Set up an aftercare plan for when you get out of a treatment facility that includes speaking to a therapist or counselor, and seeking out local meetings where you can talk openly about how you are feeling. If you are dealing with chronic pain or stress, speak to your doctor about drug-free solutions. Oftentimes if an underlying mental health issue or chronic pain issue is properly treated, your chances at sobriety will greatly improve.

Make your Health a Priority

Part of living in recovery should involve making the choice to take care of your body and mind. Here are some strategies for living a healthy, happy, drug-free life:

  • Commit to a regular sleep schedule. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night in order to keep your body functioning properly, and avoid risks of mental health issues or stress build up.
  • Eat a clean, balanced diet that includes plenty of water.
  • Exercise to release endorphins, and start on a healthy routine

Choosing to Be Happy in The Face of Recovery

You have already made the positive choice to be sober, and live a better life, so believe in the person who made that decision. Remember that the past is the past, and try to forgive yourself for old decisions. You don’t have to focus on it, but rather think about your present and future.

Your present matters, that’s why you should make good decisions. Your present choices can affect your future, whether it is in the matter of heroin drug abuse treatment, recovery or rebuilding your life.

It’s very important to feel positive about your life after a heroin addiction treatment. Being happy despite the challenges can inspire you to stay in recovery better. Being happy means you believe there’s hope and everything can still change.