Lyssinum – Nosode


Lyssin. (Lyssinum.) (Hydrophobinum.)Nosode
The saliva of a mad dog. A nosode.
For historical review, see Hering’s Monograph (North American Journal of Homœopathy, 1879). In August 1833, Hering proved the remedy the same year, then proved by a student from Allentown, Schmid in 1935. Behlert proved it on several persons, and Redman Coxe on himself and his family, in 1853. And so on with persons bitten by dogs with rabies, symptoms observed after bites and persons afflicted with
rabies. Lyssin for Hydrophobinum has been adopted as a name for this nosode as hydrophobia properly speaking, refers to an occasional symptom and not a characteristic of the disease itself.
Antidoted by Bellad., Hyosc., Stramon.
Compatible : Natr. mur. follows well ; after Tabac., in headache ; after Arg. nit., in uterine disease ; after Stannum, in neuralgia.
Compare : Canthar.
Affects principally the nervous system, aching in bones, complaints from abnormal sexual desire, convulsions brought on by dazzling light or sight of running water, convulsion and fainting before death.
Hypersensitiveness of all senses, chronic headache, boring pain in forehead.
Priapism in males, with lascivious thoughts, and no emissions during coition, atrophy of testicles,
in women uterine displacements with sensitive vagina with painful coition. Feels prolapsed.

Allen Materia Medica Guiding symptoms
The sight or sound of running water or pouring water aggravates all complaints.
Lyssoophobia, fear of becoming mad.
Complaints resulting from abnormal sexual desire (from abstinence. Con.)
Mental emotion of mortifying news always makes him worse
Cannot bear heat of sun.
Convulsions from dazzling or reflected light from water or mirror. From even thinking of fluids
Of any kind, from slightest touch of current or air.
Headache from bites of dogs, whether rabid or not, chronic, from mental emotion or exertion,
Worse by noise of running water or bright light.
Saliva, tough, ropy, viscid, frothy in mouth and throat, with constant spitting.
Sore throat, constant desire to swallow.
Difficulty in swallowing, even spasm of esophagus from swallowing liquids, gagging when swallowing water.
Constant desire to urinate on seeing running water, urine scanty, cloudy, contains sugar.
Prolapsus uteri, many cases of years´ standing cured.
Sensitiveness of vagina, rendering coition painful.

The remedy, removes the bad-effects of anti-rabies vaccination
It can also be a remedy for serious, malignant and destructive diseases.
When suppression is repeated and suppressive histories of miasmatic chronic disease lyssin prevents recurrences.
Sense of smell is exalted and acute, self identity is lost. Sexual desire intense, sore throat and frequent swallowing.
Highly impulsive, yields ailments from excessive sexual desire, dysphagia especially for liquids,
Rapid changeability of complaints, Oversensitivity to external stimulus, Profuse salivation, Huddled position in sleep, Overdue anticipation, Bad healing of wounds, specially dog bites,
Ideas of strange thoughts, No lock jaw convulsions, Urination profuse, polyuria while bathing
Or seeing water. Manias and lysophobia, also in bone pains, like Eupatorium perf. Merc. Sol.
In convulsions during pregnancy agg. by sound of water.
Beatriz H Hill




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