Listening to Classical Music can make you Healthier & Smarter

Classical music

Classical music is regarded as the second-most complex type of music (after jazz), and studies have confirmed that it helps plants grow faster. Did you know, however, that classical music also has some astounding benefits for us humans, other than being a powerful medium of art? These are the five main benefits you derive from listening to classical music. At the bottom of the page you’ll also find a link to a huge collection of classical music for your enjoyment.

1. Boost Your Brain
In a research performed by Chakravarthi Kanduri, a researcher from the University of Helsinki, it was found that people who listened to classical music experienced increased activity in the genes that are related to reward and pleasure. In addition, there’s an effect known as the “Mozart Effect”, which attributes an increase in intelligence levels to regular enjoyment of classical music.

2. Speed Up Healing
As early as the 1800s, doctors have been employing music’s healing properties in what is known as “Music Therapy”. One study, for example, has shown that playing classical music to children after surgery will speed up their healing process, reduce post-op pain, and even increase their comfort levels. When played, music shifts the brain’s attention from pain to the sounds, thus relieving it.

3. Calming and Mood-Changing
Have you had a stressful day? Are you feeling down or angry? Sit for a moment and play some classical music. Just as rest heals your body, it can also heal your mind and soul. Just as loud noises or music can cause you to need a moment of silence, classical music IS your moment of tranquility.

4. Helps You Sleep
The calming effect of classical music also helps you fall asleep faster. A calm mind can shut down and transition to a sleep state with ease. People who are suffering from insomnia are recommended to avoid sleeping pills and try classical music, in combination with white noise and nature sounds. Let Bach and Vivaldi provide you with a lullaby.

5. Enhance Your Workout
Some people to play fast, upbeat music when they go to the gym, as it can give you an adrenaline boost. Classical music, however, can help you push through the harder parts of the workout by soothing you and giving you a mental boost.




  1. It’s the vibration of sound that heals you, like the vibrations of homoeopathy heals.


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