Acute laryngitis is by far the most frequent disease of the larynx. The majority of common colds either attack or invade the larynx in their course downward from the nose and throat to the bronchial tubes and lungs, often giving rise to a mild form of laryngitis.

The chief causes of acute laryngitis are exposure to cold, excessive and improper use of the voice in public speaking and singing, and smoking. The latter in some cases produces a form of laryngitis with hoarseness and cough which is first acute, then sub-acute, and finally chronic.

Here we discuss remedy resonance that help. Your homeopath will then decide which remedy best fits your similimum.


After exposure to dry cold wind, followed by hoarseness, dry cough and soreness in larynx. Fever and thirst may be present, cough may be croupy.



  1. Saatkin hoitaa Mirja hyttinen mun laryngiitin kun seuraavan kerran taas sairastun

  2. Totality of symptoms require for selection of remedy . its potency and repeation also

  3. Isn’t it supposed that for homeopathy there are no “sicknesses” but “sicks”? laryngitis is a diagnosis in alopathic school, but shouldn’t be in Homeopathy. It treats individuals, from the inside to the outside, not only a throat, a kidney, etc. We are not a part of a body but an entire being.

  4. Ayesha Noor Incorporate One table spoon pure un filtered apple cider vinegar in hot water with one table spoon honey in morning and some light brisk walk would increase your fat cutting process

  5. Thanks for reply.I got the checkup done ,the report is normal .only the part related to cold cough that is ESR is always disturbed .I m sensitive to cold .

  6. Tone up stomach and observe fever. If it relapses quite often you need some tests like TB and typhoid after due consultation with doctor or GP. Hay fever is not good stuff.

  7. I realize I get constipation when I have slight fever.for years I have suffered from left sinus from nose to after taking sambuscus I got relief. Iwish I get relief my constipation problem from bryonia

  8. Sir I daily take sprout ,fruits.and I have to take iron supplement and calcium D3also.I will take isabgol daily.

  9. PURE Apple Cider Vinegar ORGANIC one teaspoon in luke warm water with honey two times a day for 10 days. If symptons improve you can exercise this dosage every alternate days or you can use apple cider vinegar as salad dressings in your routine.
    Homeopathy has wide range of remedies for Arthritis, you may however look into BRYONIA 30C 7 – 10 drops 4 times a day, Rhus toxicodendron 200C 10 drops 2 times a day once in morning and one before bed time. However there are more than dozen remedies for Arthritis all symptoms required.

  10. PHYTOLACCA BERRY Q Drops 10 – 15 drops in warm water in morning, Natrum Phos 30C 10 drops two times a day , Cut sugar and Carbs, alter your eating habbits take more protein (if you dont have liver disorders).

  11. I hope this helps some may differ from my suggestion , most welcome to comment.

  12. Best option natural way is to get High Fiber Husk if you can get from Indian Store get psyllium seeds / Ispaghol. Take One Tea spoon in hot milk before going to bed. Continue it for a week. In morning try PRUNE Juice in Warm Water. You will never be disappointed.
    Homeopathic Remedies are effective only when you provide all symptons. However generally Bryonia 30C, Nux Vomica 200C, Collisonia 30C, Alumina 200C, are used. In other occassion Plumbum Metallicum, Sulphur, Natrum Mur, Veratum Album are used. But the Safest bet would be BRYONIA 30C 4 hourly 6 – 10 Drops in a warm water. Third Day Stop Bryonia and Start Nux 200C 2 times a day for two days. you should be fine. If there is a sign of IBS (irratible bowel syndrome) ALUMINA 30C 4 hourly would be effective. Do not repeat medication if you are fine with constipation, immediately start fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber like Guava, Bananas, Apples with skin, Grapes, Pears, Berries. Spinach, OKRA(lady finger), ZuCCINI(tinday), Ridge Gourd(tori), Fenugreek(methi)

  13. Obesity is a not disease its a body reactions. Stop the case then see the result. And consulting a homeopathic physician. … 🙂

  14. Most of the constipation troubles depend of the food you eat and the water you drink, constipation needs a really good consultation with an homeopath who can also look with you the food you eat on a regular basis, most of the time, the answer is there!! Homeopathy can surely help on some point, especially if there is a particular diagnosis ou a pshychic problem, but basically, constipation is directly link with food!!! Usually, more water, more fiber, less sugar, less milk do the job!!!

  15. Thanks bhaji but it’s too late as my sister suffers from it from March in this year he cannot speak and eat properly can she be treated in homopathy waiting for ur response as can I know r u a doctor in homopathy. Sry if I disturb u

  16. 1azylizzie medtek much of what BrownBagPantry posts / links is a mine of stupidity, the rest is just plain dangerous to health

  17. Sir I took bryonia so stomach is soft ,relief in left sinus pain but not in constipation

  18. Just the thing for you Sangeeta, hope you feel better soon U0001f60a xx


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