Lac vaccinum


Introduced and proved by Dr. J.C. Boardman, of Trenton New Jersey. Many persons are very intolerant of MILK, producing headache, “biliousness”, intestinal flatulence, obstinate constipation, pain as soon it touches stomach, these effects of milk were developed in the proving, especially the characteristic headache and constipation, and have been clinically verified.

Aggravates the uric acid diathesis, increasing a rheumatic tendency, and if thirst and polyuria is present put attention to it as a remedy to study in diabetes.

In some sensitive women, the effect on the function of sexual organs is pronounces, the menstrual flow being suppressed by putting the hands in cold water, drinking a glass of milk will promptly suppress menstrual flow until the next period mark the idiosyncrasy.

Burnett remarks as a clinical fact that children who drink much milk after their teeth are fully grown become very liable to colds.

Albuminuria, Blindness, Diabetes, headache, intolerance of milk, pains in sternum. Ulcers of tongue.

LAC VAC, the symptoms appear both sides simultaneously.

1. Short rheumatic pains in knee and ankles on walking.

2. Fever at night followed by profuse sweat all over. the fever was preceded by chilly feeling, beginning at shoulders, then running up from feet to head.

3.Flat white ulcers on tongue, sensitive, covered with white slimy mucus, extending to sides of cheeks.

4.Brown crust, having greasy appearance, especially in corners of mouth, like “Butter sores”

5. Fullness of head, as if too large and heavy.

6. Vertigo.

7. eructations and passing of much flatus.

General nervousness, with depression of spirits, feeling as though about to hear bad news. Mental confusion lasting a long time after proving.
Vertigo, falls backwards of she closes her eyes. a creeping sensation, or screw-like or vertical motion.

Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. J. H. Clarke




  1. Lac.deflora in 1m potency instantly produce milk in newly born baby’s mother if found lake milk on her breast.


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