“Lac Caninum”-Aide Memoire

Aide Memoire

L-Lascivious, loss of libido, loathing of self. Low confidence and self esteem.  Leucorrhoea in day time only aggravated by standing and walking. Loss of milk while nursing without any known cause. Lying down, sensation as if breath would leave her, must get up and walk. Lying on left side causes violent palpitation which is better from turning on the right.

A-Attacks of rage, cursing and swearing at the slightest provocation. Absent minded, very forgetful, makes purchases and walks away without them. Aches in the spine from the base of the brain to coccyx,very sensitive to touch or pressure. Aggressive and defensive too. Always washing her hands (OCD). Aversion to liquids especially water,to anything sweet.

C-Cannot concentrate the mind to read or study. Cross, irritable,Child cries and screams all the time,especially at night. Coryza: one nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging,these conditions keep alternating, discharge is acrid,makes nose and lips raw. Could weep at any moment. Conflict within themselves. Contemptous of self. Chronic “blue” (pessimistic) condition.

C-Cough and sore throat are apt to begin and end with menstruation. Cannot eat enough to satisfy,very hungry, as hungry after eating as before. Craves milk, salt, spicy, warm drinks, whiskey. Constantly flying pains from one part to another is yet another striking feature. Cracking of jaw while eating.

A-Agg:-From touch, from jar, during menses, from empty swallowing, from pressure, during rest.   Amel:- in the open air, from turning on the right side and from walking. Anxiety about health with too much of imaginations. Alternation of sides is grand characteristic of this remedy especially in diphtheria, rheumatism, pain and even eczema.

N-Nervous very much ,that she fears of falling down stairs. Nose: sensitive to odor of flowers.           Noise known to aggravate headache. Nasal ejection of fluids while drinking.

I-Inflammatory affections travel cross wise from side to side, back and forth. Intolerence of milk,though craves it. Imagines herself to suffer from incurable disease. Insulted, she is, her thinking.

N-Nightly aggravation of complaints. Nothing worth living for is her attitude. Nocturnal enuresis (specific). No friends, she has, she thinks. Nausea ameliorated by eructations.

U– Uses too many words in writing or not the right ones, omits final letter or letters in a word. Unbearable,intense back ache, across super-sacral region, extending to right natis and right sciatic nerve, aggravated by rest and first movements. Uterine pain extending upwards. Uncovers the feet. Urination once in a day but profuse, with difficulty.

M-Mastitis, breasts very sore and tender, cannot bear even jar of the bed. Menses: Green, gushing and ammoniacal, also too early and too profuse. Mammae tender and swollen before and during menses. Malicious.





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