Kali phosphoricum

Kali phosphoricum
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A young gentleman, J. G., the son of a landed proprietor, had been subject to severe attacks of asthma for several years, and all the various usual remedies had failed. Shortly after commencing with the biochemic remedies, his sister writes:

“My mother wishes me to say that she provided herself with a small store of the German remedies, and my youngest brother having an attack of asthma on Saturday and yesterday, tried the Kali phos. and mur. with, we think, very great success, relief having been experienced more quickly than by any other remedy he has tried. He goes abroad with my father and mother this week, and it is comforting to think he will have such a portable and
effectual remedy in case of suffering.’

Kali phosphoricum is one of the chief remedies for Asthma
Nervous asthma;
Asthma from taking the least food;
nervous system depressed




  1. Please tell me a homeo medicine for frequent urination at night. Please tell me a homeo medicine that I will go once before going to bed and after getting from the bed .Thanks a lot for sharing


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