Jennifer Hautman

My interest in homeopathy began when I was in my 20’s volunteering at the Crossroads Women’s Centre in London. It was through the women there that I first learnt about homeopathy. They swore by it and recommended it to anyone for just about anything. They were also the first people I knew who suggested I should question vaccination.Since then I have been co-ordinating the North London Arnica Parent’s Support Group for Promoting Natural Immunity and questioning vaccination since 2009.

So I went to see a homeopath for a minor rash, but mostly just because I was curious. After taking the remedy, that month I had a difficult menstrual period, which I tended to have at that time, but only rarely and unpredictably. I had not told her about this in our consultation, as I had not had one in a while. So I went back and told her, and she said: “That’s interesting, I don’t think you’ll have one again”. And I never did.

Not long after that, my father was on his death bed, and my homeopath suggested I might offer him Arsenicum. The difference it made to him and my family in the last few days of his life was amazing, and the power it gave me to be able to do something in a situation that was so seemingly hopeless and powerless inspired me to learn more about homeopathy. Two years after his death, I started my BSc in Health Sciences: Homeopathy.

I studied homeopathy part time at the University of Westminster in central London, from 2002 – 2007. Before that I studied Social Anthropology at the University of Sussex, and took an MA in Latin American Studies at the University of London. In those times, I did not need to pay any fees, and I received grants for living costs. Things have changed since then. It seems the universe wanted me to be a homeopath. Since then, I’ve also studied Yoga with Elena Voyce, Somatic Movement with Tanya Fitzpatrick, and Scientific Hand Analysis with Baeth Davis. I also spent three years helping to set up and manage Clerkenwellbeing, a Yoga & Pilates studio, with Charlotte Morgan, ShaheedaChowdhury and Francesca Minischetti; an experience which has been a sharp learning curve in how to set up and market a business.

That would be my own homeopath, Wendy Glaze, who inspired me to train as a homeopath, and is now also my supervisor. Then all of my tutors at the University of Westminster, and all of my patients, from whom I learn so much. I feel so privileged to be able to witness their struggles and transformations. And my son, who’s natural home birth and childhood gave me even more motivation to learn as much as I could about health and wellbeing.

I would like homeopaths to become a lot more confident at showing themselves and the power of homeopathy to a wider audience. If the practice of homeopathy is to grow, we also have to figure out how to receive an income that makes our work not just sustainable, but allows us to flourish.

To this end, in addition to seeing local clients face to face, I have decided to take my work online and to teach online courses that anyone in the world (who understands English and has access to the internet) can benefit from.

My first course is: If, When & How to Treat Childhood Fevers
– according to standard medical and naturopathic guidelines.
It is less about homeopathy, and more about understanding the importance of childhood fevers to the healthy development of a strong immune system, but it does include some information about homeopathic remedies for children’s fevers and links to more information about homeopathy at the end. If you’re quick you might still catch it at the early bird price before it launches.




  1. I am interested in knowing more about homeopathy. Can I join here as a guest?


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