Intelligence and Morality.


The life in Hahnemann’s house was peculiar. The members of the household lived and worked for one object alone – that was Homeopathy. The four grown-up daughters helped the father in preparing his medicines. When the day’s work was done, Hahnemann was accustomed to recruit himself from the hours of eight to ten at night; sitting in his comfortable arm-chair and having conversations with his family. Hahnemann was always happiest in his family circle.

Natural Science and the condition of foreign nations often formed the subjects of those evening conversations. Hahnemann had a special favouritism for the Chinese, for the reason that they lay very great stress on the respect and obedience due from children to their parents, a duty which was becoming more and more neglected in civilised countries. It was evident that Hahnemann’s children not only obeyed but truly loved their parents. Hahnemann demanded not only intelligence from his children, but also strict morality.





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