Infantile Eczema

infantile eczema

Dr. Leon Renard

LYCOPODIUM is a master remedy in Infantile Eczema.




  1. It really is important that ghe remedy matches the person not just the symptoms. See a quailified homeopath for correct prescription.

  2. My son’s was cleared up with sulphur. It really depends on what your individual constitutional remedy is

  3. Acid nitricum alter with Asafetida in 30 the potency twice a day for 07 days OR depending upon the deepseatness of the problem

  4. heaha …. how strainge !! ..
    how you guyz refer only the medicine ? the actual key is the potency/power .
    i mean if i don’t know the exact power of the medicine can do good for the problem then the apply of the medicine is just useless.

  5. Do NOT try this on your own please. See a Certified Classical Homeopath in your area to get a correct prescription. Treating skin issues is best left to professional practitioners. You can cause a worsening of skin issues without help.

  6. Ars.Bromatum is the best proven remedy with my small experience as a Homoeopathist for over 50 yrs.

  7. If the characteristics of Lycopodium match with the patient’s symptoms age is no bar. Lycopodium is a powerful antipsoric hence its action on skin diseases is marked.


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